50+ Hilarious Guess What Jokes


Guess what jokes are the best for sharing. They’ll make people of all ages and backgrounds laugh. Plus, you won’t be able to stop laughing.

Three friends sitting on grass and laughing.
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The funniest guess what jokes

1. I opened a mysterious closet. Guess what I found?

Narnia business.

2. Guess what I have right now?

Your ear.

3. Guess what I named my new computer processor?


4. Guess what the difference is between a hot dog and a corn dog?

One’s stuck up, and the other is laid back.

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5. Guess what?

Good guess.

6. Can you guess why learning sign language is a good idea?

It comes in handy.

7. Can you guess what the calendar factory worker got fired for?

He took a day off without telling anyone.

8. Guess what the volcano said to the other?

I lava you.

9. Can you guess what happens when you walk to a punch bowl?

There’s no punchline.

10. I got a wooden motorcycle, and guess what?

It wooden start.

11. I won a competition for staying in cold water the longest. Guess what I got?


12. Can you guess what my famous turtle is called?

A shell-ebrity.

13. Can you guess what clothes hangers do on the weekend?

They hang out.

14. I saw a ghost at the hair salon. Can you guess what she was doing?

Getting a scare-cut.

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15. Can you guess what happened to that famous painter’s ear?

I saw it get into a Van and Gogh.

16. Can you guess what I’m having for dinner?

Whatever I’m cooking.

17. Guess what?

I said guess.

18. Can you guess what happened to the man who couldn’t stop doing the Hokey Pokey?

He turned himself around.

19. Can you guess what the pickle did in a tough situation?

It just had to dill with it.

20. Can you guess what the left eye said to the right eye?

Between you and I, something smells.

21. A frog’s car broke down. Guess what happened?

It got toad.

22. Can you guess what New York dressed up as to the Halloween party?

New Jersey.

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23. Guess what I’m going to do if I lose my memory?

Guess what I’m going to do if I lose my memory?

24. A banana woke up on the wrong side of the bed. Guess what happened?

It didn’t peel well.

25. Can you guess what coffee and inspirational speakers have in common?

They encourage people to espresso themselves.

26. Can you guess what a fish with no eyes is called?


27. Can you guess what goes up and never comes down?

Your age.

28. Can you guess what made the sea monster a successful comedian?

It was Kraken everyone up.

29. My sister took the elevator, and I took the stairs. Guess what happened?

We were raised differently.

30. Can you guess what made me quit solving mysteries about circles?

It was pointless.

31. Can you guess what body of water is orange?

None, but I had a Fanta sea.

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32. Guess what?

Chicken butt.

33. Can you guess what two things stay together throughout all of the crap?

Butt cheeks.

34. Can you guess what happened to the leopard when it was hiding?

It was spotted.

35. Can you guess what the best thing is about Switzerland?

I don’t know, but the flag is a big plus.

36. Can you guess what made the bunny upset?

It was having a bad hare day.

37. The shark ate clownfish. Guess what it said?

This tastes funny.

38. I tried to eat a clock. Guess what happened?

I couldn’t do it, but it was time-consuming.

39. Can you guess what the fish said when it swam into a wall?


40. Can you guess what happens to an old vacuum?

It collects dust.

41. Can you guess what Snoop Dogg uses an umbrella for?

For drizzle.

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42. Can you guess what the mathematician had for dessert?


43. Can you guess what made the social media influencer take medicine?

The post went viral.

44. Can you guess what happened when the fitness instructor went on a date outside of the gym?

It didn’t work out.

45. Can you guess what the ship had to go to therapy for?

It was a nervous wreck.

46. Can you guess what the girl received when she won a Scrabble tournament?

A re-word.

47. Guess what word starts with a W, ends with a T, and has an H and an A between them?

You’re right.

48. Can you guess what a pig learns in martial arts class?

The pork chop.

49. Can you guess what I saw today?


50. The military was standing outside of my house. Guess what I did?


51. Guess what happened to the woman who played board games her whole life?

She got bored of playing games.

Featured image courtesy of Canva.