20+ Shell-arious Taco Puns


Tacos are a classic and delicious Mexican dish. If you’re eating or craving them, read the funniest taco puns while you’re at it.

Photo by David Em and Canva.

1. That’s shell-arious.

2. It’s spec-taco-lar.

3. Let’s taco-bout it.

4. Every now and then, I fall apart.

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5. We’re taco-ing over.

6. Have a fantas-taco day.

7. Taco dirty to me.

8. I want to taco walk outside.

9. Just taco chance.

10. It’s the taco the town.

11. At the zoo, I saw a taco-dile.

12. Don’t taco-ver me.

13. Tacos can’t keep secrets. They spill the beans.

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14. I hate tacos, said no Juan ever.

15. Tac-O-M-G.

16. You need taco-operate.

17. Don’t worry, taco your time.

18. Taco walk on the wild side.

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19. I drive a Toyota Taco-ma.

20. Tacos have fillings, too.

21. We overcame the obs-taco-les.

22. The taco is sad because it’s falling apart.

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