35+ Funny Winter Puns


Winter is a wonderful time of the year. Read the funniest ice, snow, and winter puns to freeze the day. You’ll get a good laugh.

Snow, trees, and mountains.
Photo by David Em and Canva.

1. Have a winter-ful day.

2. It snow laughing matter.

3. It’s un-brrr-lievable.

4. There are winters and losers.

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5. Guacin’ in a winter wonderland.

6. Everyone teased the snowman for having a pointy nose, but he didn’t carrot all.

7. There’s snow way out.

8. Ice to meet you.

9. Love at frost sight.

10. It’s winter-changeable.

11. I’ll need a winter-preter.

12. How winter-esting!

13. No winter-ruptions.

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14. I glove you.

15. I winter yesterday.

16. Freeze the day.

17. All hail broke loose.

18. We’re traveling winter-nationally.

19. He winter-cepted the pass.

20. Weather you like it or not, snow happens.

21. For goodness flake.

22. I only have ice for you.

23. I’m browsing the winter-net.

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24. I ran as fast as I cold.

25. I cold you yesterday.

26. You’re the star of the snow.

27. You snow it to yourself.

28. Heart and solstice.

29. He was frost-rated.

30. I started winter-mittent fasting.

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31. It was winter-twined.

32. Frost and foremost.

33. I like how it’s winter-active.

34. It’s the ice of life.

35. There snow place like home.

36. Snowman is an island.

37. I can’t break the ice if you give me the cold shoulder.

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