30+ Wooly Great Sheep Puns


Sheep are cute and fluffy. They’re also perfect for making puns. Read the funniest sheep puns that are wooly great. You’ll laugh non-stop.

Side of a sheep.
Photo by David Em and Canva.

Funny sheep puns

1. I’m here for sheep thrills.

2. Baby, don’t herd me.

3. You’re un-baa-lievable.

4. You’re wooly awesome.

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5. To the beach, sheep wear baa-kinis.

6. I’m going to ride the space-sheep.

7. Wouldn’t ewe know it.

8. What the flock.

9. I’m here for ewe.

10. Wool always be friends.

11. There’s free sheep-ing.

12. We must abandon sheep.

13. Time wool tell.

14. Which one is sheep-er?

15. I want a candy baa.

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16. Blow a baa-lloon.

17. Happy Birthday to ewe.

18. A dancing sheep is a baa-llerina.

19. I saw it on EweTube.

20. A well-dressed sheep is g-lamb-orous.

21. That was a sheep shot.

22. My goal is to get in sheep this year.

23. It’s a hole in the wool spot.

24. It’s pasture bedtime.

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25. The smell was sheep-ing through.

26. It’s a ewe-nicorn.

27. I’m going to Wool-mart.

28. Take a ewe-turn.

29. I’m going to the baa-bershop.

30. The Wool Street Journal.

31. When sheep swim, they do the baa-ckstroke.

32. The baa-tender.

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Featured image by David Em and Canva.