40 Funny Christmas Puns


Christmas is a wonderful time of the year. Make it even better with tree-mendous Christmas puns that’ll add humor to the season.

Christmas tree in a living room with presents around it.
Photo courtesy of Canva.

Hilarious Christmas puns

1. Have a tree-mendous Christmas.

2. Merry Crust-mas. We’re having pizza this year.

3. Peas on Earth.

4. Resting Grinch face.

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5. You sleigh me.

6. All the jingle ladies.

7. I request your presents.

8. There’s myrrh where that came from.

9. Let’s take an elfie.

10. Yule be sorry.

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11. Have your elf a merry little Christmas.

12. If you’ve been good, Santa Claus will grace you with his presents.

13. We have chemis-tree.

14. Snow thank you.

15. Time to spruce things up.

16. I’m pine. How are you?

17. I’m feeling Santa-mental.

18. Feliz Navi-dog.

19. Meowy Christmas.

20. I’m going ho ho home.

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21. Fleece Navidad.

22. Dachshund through the snow.

23. All I want for Christmas is ewe.

24. Happy howl-idays.

25. Santa paws.

26. Beary Christmas.

27. Santa claws.

28. Mistle-toad.

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29. An elf that runs away from Santa’s Workshop is a rebel without a Claus.

30. Claus all of me, loves all of you.

31. I have the final sleigh.

32. It’s not snow, it’s reindeer.

33. Hang on for deer life.

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34. Let’s get elfed up.

35. It soots you.

36. People that are afraid of Santa are Claus-trophobic.

37. Santa’s little helpers love to eat elf-abet soup.

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38. I’m elf-taught.

39. Treat yo’elf.

40. Form a jingle-file line.

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Featured image courtesy of Canva.