40+ Best Elf Puns


Elves are mythological creatures that are known to be mischievous. Read the funniest elf puns that’ll have you laughing so hard.

Elf walking and holding presents.
Photo by David Em and Canva.

Hilarious elf puns

1. Treat yo’elf.

2. My kid is learning the elf-abet.

3. Don’t be elf-ish.

4. Elves love listening to Elf-is Presley.

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5. She has high elf-esteem.

6. I’m elf-employed.

7. Have an elf-ing good day.

8. Let’s take an elf-ie.

9. Call me on my elf-phone.

10. A rich elf is w-elf-y.

11. Elf and safety.

12. Love your-elf.

13. He’s elf-made.

14. I’m elf-taught.

15. It’s on the tw-elf.

16. You’re so elf-ficient,

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17. I haven’t been feeling like my-elf.

18. It was elf-defense.

19. I took a elf-portrait.

20. Cinder-elf-a.

21. I’m reading a elf-help book.

22. It was elf-sabotage.

23. I’m eating elf-abet soup.

24. That’s an elf-fective method.

25. She did it elf-fortlessly.

26. There were d-elf-ins in the ocean.

27. We’re traveling to Elf-rica.

28. The first letter is Elf-a.

29. I love watching the Super Bowl’s h-elf-time show.

30. The leather is made from c-elf-skin.

31. Don’t do things h-elf-heartedly.

32. Did it m-elf-unction?

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33. I said it on their beh-elf.

34. They were in st-elf mode.

35. It diss-elves in water.

36. Place it on the sh-elf.

37. The couch had v-elf-et.

38. That’s elf-ed up.

39. It’s elf-ul.

40. Let’s eat elf-resco.

41. The G-elf of Mexico.

42. Great elf-fort.

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Featured image by David Em and Canva.