30+ Hair-larious Hair Puns


Hair is a fun topic because everyone has it. Read the funniest hair puns that are a cut above the rest. They’re just hair-larious.

Person with wavy hair looking to the side outdoors.
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1. I’ve been hair before.

2. This movie is hair-larious.

3. Hair with me for a moment.

4. I don’t hair!

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5. Out of the four hairstylists we interviewed, not one made the cut.

6. I love breathing in fresh hair.

7. I’m hairy afraid of heights.

8. Hair we go.

9. I in-hair-ited this house.

10. I’m proud of my hair-itage.

11. I got a bad haircut and I’m glad it’s not perm-anent.

12. Right hair, right now.

13. I was lost ‘fro words.

14. Would you like to comb over for dinner?

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15. The movie had a hairy-tale ending.

16. I won hair and square.

17. Hair are you?

18. The Tortoise and the Hair.

19. I couldn’t hair you, what did you say?

20. I took a photo of them while they were mid-hair.

21. I can help you rep-hair your laptop.

22. The lounge had a nice atmosp-hair.

23. The singer made an app-hair-ance.

24. I was impressed by how friendly the cas-hair was.

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25. I felt it in the hair.

26. It was an ordin-hair-y day.

27. Would you be willing to s-hair?

28. Let’s comp-hair the two and see which one is better.

29. I spent months prep-hair-ing for the marathon.

30. It’s not a popul-hair-ity contest.

31. You have a fl-hair for photography.

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