50+ Clever Flower Puns


Flowers are natural beauties. They also make for hilarious puns. Read the funny and clever flower puns to share with friends and family.

Flowers laying on a table.
Photo courtesy of Canva.

Hilarious flower puns

1. Lotus be together forever.

2. They’re he-rose.

3. Daisy me rollin’.

4. Iris you a happy birthday.

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5. I’ll have a lily bit.

6. I’m feeling daisy.

7. I love when our tulips touch.

8. She’s a budding entrepreneur.

9. I be-leaf in you.

10. Flowers drive fast because they floret.

11. It’s like pollen teeth.

12. Anyone can attend, adults orchids.

13. You’re pollen at my heartstrings.

14. Petal to the metal.

15. Last bud not least.

16. A peony for your thoughts.

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17. Hey bud, how’s it growing?

18. All-purpose flower.

19. When you mix a monkey with a flower, you get a chim-pansy.

20. I love it when you call me big poppy.

21. Orchid you not.

22. Get clover it.

23. I’m so thorny.

24. You rose to the occasion.

25. I lilac you.

26. You’re the best parent. I’m proud to be y-orchid.

27. Everything is A-bouquet.

28. It’s time for you to leave. Begonia!

29. You’re so impatiens.

30. What in carnation?

31. You can poppy-n anytime.

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32. Acacia didn’t know, I’m here.

33. Rose over bros.

34. Bride and bloom.

35. I’ll aster again.

36. This show is borage. Let’s watch something else.

37. The flower said, “don’t touch me, achillea.”

38. To get it off, weigela little bit.

39. I haven’t heard ursinia.

40. Hey, sweet pea.

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41. She’s a buttercup.

42. It felt too statice.

43. I drive slow because I don’t speedwell.

44. I’ll show them. They oleander-estimated me.

45. Merrigold-round.

46. Kalmia-p anytime.

47. That’s so ranunculus.

48. They travel in phlox.

49. Silene Dion.

50. Once and floral.

51. I’m petal-ing as fast as I can.

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