30 Clever Frog Puns


Are you feeling a bit froggy? Feel hoppier by reading the funniest and most clever frog puns. You’ll get a good laugh out of it.

Frog on wood.
Photo courtesy of Canva.

Hilarious frog puns

1. Turn on your frog lights, it’s froggy.

2. I frog-ot what I was going to say.

3. A window-cleaning frog says, “rub-it, rub-it.”

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4. You’re un-frog-ettable.

5. Are you unhoppy?

6. Frogs are always happy because they eat whatever bugs them.

7. Frogs wear open-toad shoes.

8. I toad-ally get it.

9. Sigmund Frog.

10. Croak-a-Cola.

11. Do you know Morse toad?

12. Don’t frog-et about me.

13. A dog mixed with a frog is a croaker spaniel.

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14. I find you ribbiting.

15. Park over there. Otherwise, your car will get toad.

16. Toad-ay is a big day.

17. Wow, that’s a nice frog-rance.

18. I’m asking for frog-iveness.

19. A young frog is a toad-dler.

20. If you give a frog paper, it’ll rip-it.

21. I want a lollihop.

22. A short pole is also known as a tadpole.

23. A loud frog is a froghorn.

24. We’re making frog-ress.

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25. It was a toad-al surprise.

26. That toad-ellini alfredo looks delicious.

27. Dr. Frog made an accurate frog-nosis.

28. Be careful, it’s frog-ile.

29. It was a frog-ment of my imagination.

30. The frog was frog-matic.

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Featured image courtesy of Canva.