15+ Best Elephant Puns


Elephants are magnificent, as they’re the world’s largest land animal. While they’re big, read elephant puns that are bigger and funnier.

Two young elephants under an adult elephant.
Photo courtesy of Canva.

Hilarious elephant puns

1. That’s irr-elephant.

2. You’re elephant-astic.

3. Elephants can do a lot at once, as they’re great at multi-tusking.

4. A light-headed elephant is an ele-faint.

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5. That’s r-elephant.

6. To get to the other side, the elephant rode an ele-copter.

7. When the baby elephant was naughty, the parent elephant said, “tusk, tusk.”

8. Let’s get trunk.

9. I’m ear for you.

10. I herd it was going to snow this weekend.

11. I have a tusk to do.

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12. I’m choosing between the different ele-fonts.

13. A stinky elephant is known as a smelly-phant.

14. When an elephant goes swimming, it wears trunks.

15. From tusk until dawn.

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Featured image courtesy of Canva.