50+ Hilarious Sewing Puns


Sewing is an essential craft that’s done professionally and as a hobby. Read the funniest sewing puns that’ll have you laughing sew hard.

Sewing machine and supplies on a table.
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Funny sewing puns

1. This is sew much fun.

2. I’m laughing sew hard.

3. What’s sewing on?

4. Life’s a stitch.

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5. I knit to know the truth.

6. It seams to be good.

7. Move backstitch.

8. Baste to the bone.

9. It’s sew-sew.

10. You’re sew-spicious.

11. I can’t think of any more sewing puns. I’m out of material.

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12. Pine trees aren’t good at sewing because they drop their needles.

13. Bobbin to the music.

14. It’s hem.

15. You have a quilt-y look on your face.

16. These sewing puns are seamlessly strung together.

17. I was reading the wrong thread.

18. You’re sew-phisticated.

19. I’ll see you sewn.

20. I want to relax on the sew-fa.

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21. I got 99 problems, but a stitch ain’t one.

22. Sewing is harder than it seams.

23. I’m sew-rry.

24. Hanging by a thread.

25. Sew what?

26. I need shoes that have cushioned sew-les.

27. I felt that in my sew-l.

28. I’ll have a pin and tonic.

29. We’re going to a sew-cial gathering.

30. I’ve watched every epi-sew-de in the season.

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31. Let’s drink espres-sew.

32. This is sew-lid.

33. I like to sew in sew-litude.

34. I figured out a sew-lution.

35. Let’s go sew-mewhere spontaneous.

36. Knitty gritty.

37. You’re ab-sew-lutely welcome.

38. Don’t knit-pick.

39. Take the i-knit-iative.

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40. We quilt it from the ground up.

41. Quilt-y as charged.

42. We’re making sew-p for dinner.

43. I know you’ll be sew-cessful.

44. Pur-sew your dreams.

45. Go to the sew-rce.

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46. Sewn-er or later.

47. The fabric is sew-ft.

48. I’m sew-re from working out.

49. I’ll have sew-rbet for dessert.

50. Wash your hands with sew-p.

51. I sew-ld my house.

52. I’ve sewn it to you before.

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