50 Best Bat Puns That’ll Have You Flying


There are more than a thousand bat species across the globe. Read the funniest bat puns that’ll come in handy while you’re hanging out.

Three bats flying.
Photo by David Em/Box of Puns.

Bats are the only flying mammals. A thin layer of skin connects their forelimbs, allowing them to fly.

They’re often considered spooky and to Halloween or Batman. But, they do a lot more than scare.

Of the more than 1,400 species, bats pollinate fruits, eat insects, and advance medicine.

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If you’re ready to fly with laughter, read the following bat puns.

Funny bat puns

1. Bat to the bone.

2. You’re a bat-ty.

3. I’m just winging it.

4. It’s fang-tastic.

5. I’m crazy a-bat you.

Photo by David Em/Box of Puns.

6. Bat-s how it is sometimes.

7. My kids are learning the alpha-bat.

8. Hoary up!

9. You suck.

10. I’m breaking bat habits.

11. Chew on gum to get rid of bat breath.

12. I got a bat-pack.

13. I started playing bat-minton.

14. Con-bat-ulations!

15. It was love at first bite.

16. I’m a gym bat.

17. Famous bats have fang clubs.

Group of bats flying.
Photo by David Em/Box of Puns.

18. Acro-bats do flips.

19. Bats love to eat neck-tarines.

20. I want some-bat-y to love.

21. It’s your turn to bat.

22. Watch your bat-titude.

23. It’s a rechargeable bat-tery.

24. Fang you very much.

25. Wing should we go?

26. I saw a bat-ger at the zoo.

27. We’re bat-ter together.

28. Keep it bat-ween us.

Bat flying.
Photo by David Em/Box of Puns.

29. It’s in bat-a mode.

30. Create an a-bat-ar.

31. The only animal that attends every baseball game is the bat.

32. We’re wing-ers, not losers.

33. Swap bat attitudes and hang-er with happiness.

34. This is the best hang-le for photos.

35. Don’t bat-ray me.

36. I got a bat-ge for my new job.

37. Bat-mouthing isn’t allowed.

38. You’re the bat-est of them all.

39. I’m a huge fang of bats.

40. How much do you want to bat?

41. I need to go to the bat-room.

42. Give yourself a bat on the back.

43. The Bat-street Boys.

44. He’s a bat boy.

45. My new pet is a bat-ta fish.

46. I got a new bat and sleep much bat-ter now.

47. Everyone was assigned an ar-bat-rary number.

48. My favorite thing at the science center is the bat exhi-bat.

49. When you cross a fish with a bat, you get a hali-bat.

50. I’m sewing new bat-tons on my shirt.

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Featured image by David Em/Box of Puns.