40+ Best Batman Puns Even Jokers Will Love


Batman is one of the most popular superheroes. Whether you’re dressing up as Batman or a big fan, read the funniest Batman puns.

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1. He’s a Batman.

2. I Gotham mixed up.

3. Batman Gotham from the store.

4. In baseball, Batman was the bat boy.

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5. Bat to the bone.

6. It’s a Dark Knight.

7. Chew gum if you have bat breath.

8. I need to use the bat-room.

9. It must be a Batboat because it’s not working.

10. There must be Batsignal because my phone’s not getting reception.

11. Batman loves Chinese food. Specifically, Kung POW chicken.

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12. Batman loves two chess pieces, the Dark Knights.

13. Batman avoids nature because of Poison Ivy.

14. Batman gets his power from bat-teries.

15. When you cross Batman and a tree, you get Spruce Wayne.

16. Learn the alpha-bat.

17. Batman’s favorite part of a joke is the punch line.

18. In a drink, Batman prefers just-ice.

19. Welcome bat.

20. Batman drinks vigilan-tea.

21. Batman doesn’t set goals. He enforces them.

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22. Batman is good at baseball because he has a bat-ting cage.

23. Batman doesn’t tell puns because it’ll make him a Joker.

24. I Gotham to help me.

25. Soak in the bat tub.

26. Whether you think he’s good or bat, he’s Batman.

27. He won the bat-tle.

28. Batman was a good rapper when he was young. People called him Lil Wayne.

29. That was a Batman-go.

30. Let’s play bat-minton.

31. I’d bat on it.

32. Don’t bat-ray me.

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33. There’s not Batman-y left.

34. I can do bat-ter.

35. I’m never going to that nail salon again. I got a Batman-icure.

36. I quit my job because I had a Batman-ager.

37. Batboy became Batman during Bat Mitzvah.

38. Batman doesn’t have super vision because his parents died.

39. Batman prefers his coffee black like the night.

40. Batman is serious because he’s not the Joker.

41. When Batman skips church, he’s Christian Bale.

42. When Batman gets hurt, he’s bruised Wayne.

43. The only difference between Batman and a shoplifter is that Batman can go to the store without Robin.

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