25+ Funny Basketball Puns


Basketball is one of the most popular sports. Whether you love to play or watch it, you’ll get a good laugh out of funny basketball puns.

Basketball in the air under a hoop.
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Hilarious basketball puns

1. May all of your swishes come true.

2. Bass get ball.

3. Cinderella was kicked off of the basketball team because she ran away from the ball.

4. Basketball players can’t go on vacation because they would be traveling.

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5. When basketball players miss a basket, they say, “shoot!”

6. Basketball players are messy eats. They’re always dribbling.

7. Pigs aren’t fun to play basketball with because they hog the ball.

8. The basketball player was arrested because he shot the ball.

9. I rebounded.

10. The basketball player was sketching chickens because he was learning how to draw fowls.

11. Alley whoops.

12. Saved by the ball.

13. Have some hoop.

14. You’re a tough net to crack.

15. Ball aboard.

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16. Let’s have tea and baskets.

17. The basketball team didn’t have a website because they couldn’t string three W’s together.

18. Thieves can be basketball players because they’re good at shooting, stealing, and running.

19. He was so sad that he started balling.

20. Fish avoid basketball because they’re afraid of nets.

21. Double or net-hing.

22. Can you grab a shopping court?

23. It’s a piece of dunk.

24. The basketball player couldn’t listen to music because she broke the record.

25. The basketball player was late because he took small forward steps.

26. Avoid being in front of a basketball player because they’ll power forward.

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Featured image courtesy of Canva.