40+ Fish Puns That Are Fin-tastic


Whether you’re a loan shark or a school of fish, you’ll appreciate clever and fin-tastic fish puns. They’ll leave you laughing for days.

Cartoon of two fishes.
Photo by David Em and Canva.

Funny fish puns

1. It’s of-fish-ial!

2. Oh my cod.

3. Take the oppor-tuna-ty.

4. It doesn’t get betta than this.

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5. I can’t play the guitar, but I can play the bass.

6. I can be a bit orca-ward.

7. There’s a public herring next week.

8. Fish, please.

9. The fish was feeling gill-ty.

10. You’re so-fish-ticated.

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11. You kicked bass today.

12. Let minnow if you have a betta pun.

13. I’m so fin love with you.

14. You’re so roe-mantic.

15. Cod you lend me a hand?

16. I’d like to perch-ase one.

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17. I’m working on ef-fish-iancy.

18. You’re the gill of my dreams.

19. I must make it to the fin-ish line.

20. The pufferfish was feeling a bit blow-ted.

21. You cod do better.

22. You’re krilling me now.

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23. We’re bass-ically best friends.

24. It only took tuna half years.

25. I feel like we’re in a good plaice.

26. Oh, carp.

27. Carp-e diem!

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28. I don’t leave my home without my deck of cods.

29. You’re bass-ic.

30. It’s fry-day!

31. This book is so fin-teresting.

32. It’s the bass day ever.

33. The tuna-verse is incredible.

34. Minnows is itchy.

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35. Best fishes on your birthday.

36. Leave it to salmon-else.

37. Can you Oscar what her name is?

38. Would you like to eat crab oarfish?

39. I made a comet about that.

40. The wire was koi-led.

41. Be carp-ful of fish-ing scams.

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Featured image by David Em and Canva.