30+ Sushi Puns That’ll Have You Rolling


Maki, nigiri, and sashimi are sushi types. With variety comes many opportunities for humor. Read the funniest sushi puns for a good laugh.

Sushi rolls lined up.
Photo courtesy of Canva.

The funniest sushi puns

1. It’s maki me hungry.

2. Come roll with me.

3. Rice to meet you.

4. Uramaki me so happy.

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5. Learn to manage your tempura.

6. You’re soy cool.

7. She believed she could. Sushi did.

8. Let the good times roll.

9. Cat’s love meow-nagi.

10. Sushi chefs drive Rolls-Rice cars.

11. Sushi is shrimp-ly the best.

12. She couldn’t walk sushi rolled.

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13. Roe, roe, roe your sushi boat.

14. It’s my favorite sushi restaurant in the tuna-verse.

15. When the sushi saw the bee, it said, “wasabi?”

16. I took a girl to her least favorite sushi restaurant on our first date. Sushi left me.

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17. I’ll shoyu.

18. It’s making miso hungry.

19. I’ve been soba for years.

20. Dashi through the snow.

21. Can I bara that?

22. Soy what?

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23. A smart sushi is also called an honor roll.

24. You can’t trust sushi. It’s a little fishy.

25. To become the best sushi chef. You must start at age tuna half.

26. I’ll katsu up on it later.

27. What Temari leaving for our trip?

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28. You’re my soy-mate.

29. To find out the name of sushi, do a roll call.

30. You can come and sashimi anytime.

31. Sushi restaurant employees’ favorite roll is payroll.

32. I love umami.

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Featured image courtesy of Canva.