50+ Pie Puns You Can Crust


Pie is a delicious baked dish that’s also excellent for puns. Read the funniest pie puns, and you’ll find yourself laughing so hard.

Cherry pie.
Photo by David Em/Box of Puns.

Funny pie puns

1. In pie we crust.

2. Pie there.

3. You’re the apple of my pie.

4. You’re a nice pie.

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5. I only have pies for you.

6. I have my eyes on the pies.

7. You bake me smile.

8. Pie like you berry much.

9. I crust you.

10. I’m occu-pied at the moment.

11. I’m a pie-rate.

12. A tro-pie-cal beach vacation.

13. Yippy pie yay.

14. I started doing pie-lates.

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15. Good pie-brations.

16. When the pie got hurt, it went to the hos-pie-tal.

17. That was ins-pie-ring.

18. We visited the ca-pie-tal.

19. Slice, slice, baby.

20. Pie hard.

21. It’s pie-fect.

22. Pie come in piece.

23. We need to fix the pie-pe.

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24. I’m getting a s-pie-ky haircut.

25. If your path isn’t working, pie-vot.

26. The food is s-pie-cy.

27. Don’t cry over s-pie-lled milk.

28. In baseball, my favorite position is the pie-tcher.

29. The pie-lot ensured we had a smooth flight.

30. The coffee is pie-ping hot.

31. Let’s pack lunch and go on a pie-cnic.

32. I play the pie-ano.

33. She was a pie-oneer.

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34. What’s your o-pie-nion?

35. Pie-cture perfect.

36. You succeeded des-pie-te the odds.

37. It was a pie-votal moment.

38. I want pie-zza.

39. They won the cham-pie-onship.

40. Sing her a lulla-pie song.

41. I like watching pie-necones fall from the tree.

42. A pie went to the dentist for a filling.

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43. It’s required pie law.

44. I got the pie a while ago. It may be ex-pie-red.

45. Meet me in the hotel lo-pie.

46. It was a pie-product of the pie.

47. Let’s go pie-gher and pie-gher.

48. You have big pie-ceps.

49. You’re so responsi-pie-le.

50. I’m reading a pie-ography.

51. It’s baked to pie-fection.

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Featured image by David Em/Box of Puns.