65+ Best Candy Puns


Do you have a sweet tooth? If so, you’ll also love reading hilarious candy puns while you’re eating some sweets.

Variety of candies.
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Funny candy puns

1. My dog learned new Twix.

2. We always have Mounds of fun.

3. The new job pays 100 Grand.

4. We’re Nerds.

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5. They’re Sweetarts.

6. You can have Skittles Andes Chocolate Mints.

7. You’re a Twix-ster.

8. It’s Crunch time.

9. They’re real Life Savers.

10. Candy give us a new one?

11. That mint a lot to me.

12. Don’t Reese’s-t the candy.

13. The candy went to school to become a Smartie.

14. It’s a Rocky Road. Drive carefully.

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15. I was stuck in the Skittle seat.

16. At the airport, you can only find plain chocolate.

17. You make my heart Starburst.

18. You’re a Hot Tamale.

19. Do I have to pay Taffy?

20. I Snicker-ed after hearing the joke.

21. Do you want a Pez of me?

22. Don’t jump the gum.

23. A happy farmer is a Jolly Rancher.

24. A cat’s favorite candy is a Kit Kat.

25. I love you more than all of the stars in the Milky Way.

26. After connecting the Dots, it all made sense.

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27. You’re the Riesen.

28. I love drinking pop. Pop Rocks.

29. Sealed with a Kiss.

30. I made a Whopper of a mistake.

31. Sometimes, we can be Airheads.

32. Don’t pass him the ball because he has Butterfingers.

33. Our love is Good & Plenty.

34. We’re going through a Sour Patch.

35. Don’t listen to Dum Dums.

36. Swedish Fish? It’s pretty cool.

37. They’re just a bunch of Goobers.

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38. It needs a Bit-O-Honey.

39. I have a few Twix up my sleeve.

40. It’s not my Necco the woods.

41. I can peach you in the ring.

42. You’re not a Dud.

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43. They had a Baby, Ruth.

44. The best candy rapper is Eminem.

45. A happy sucker is a jolly-pop.

46. I forgot my joke about the lollipop. It was on the tip of my tongue.

47. I got the highest Skor.

48. Let’s hand orna-mints.

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49. People keep telling about Kit Kats. I need a break.

50. Oh Henry! Pop Rocks.

51. The baby wants her Mamba.

52. I love the be-razzles on your shoes.

53. A Gummy Bear is a bear without teeth.

54. That Baby Ruth-less.

55. In school, we learned about Reese’s-sions.

56. He’s your Sugar Daddy.

57. This is Take 5.

58. Almond Joy comes from you.

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59. I taught my dog how to Rolo-ver.

60. It’s Starburst-day.

61. I candy anything I put my mind to.

62. It’s PayDay.

63. Here’s a Skittle something to sweeten your day.

64. Sheep enjoy eating a candy baa.

65. You’re nothing but truffle.

66. You cane do it.

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