30+ Best Friend Puns for You and Your BFF


Read the best friend puns that are funny and sweet. They’re perfect for captions on social media or to make your friends laugh.

Teapot and cups.
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1. We’re bes-teas.

2. I value our friend-chip.

3. Orange you glad we’re friends?

4. You’re a deer friend.

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5. We go together like peanut butter and jelly.

6. You’re one in a melon.

7. All rhino is that you’re an amazing friend.

8. You’re a grate friend.

9. Yoda best!

10. You’re my bestie. I love you a waffle lot.

11. Thank you so mochi for being my friend.

12. Lettuce never stop being friends.

13. You’re the berry best.

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14. You’re such a fungi to hang out with.

15. There’s no otter like you.

16. You’re turtle-y awesome.

17. Thanks for always pudding up with me.

18. A toast to my butter half.

19. You light up my life.

20. You’re a tee-riffic friend.

21. I love you so mochi.

22. I love you from the bottom of my tart.

23. I loaf my bestie.

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24. You’re a flan-tastic friend.

25. Scone be friends forever.

26. Olive you!

27. I can’t espresso how much you mean to me.

28. You’re a koala-ty friend.

29. We’re mint to be lifelong friends.

30. We always have a great thyme.

31. I’m grape-ful for you.

32. You’ve goat a friend in me.

33. Lime glad we’re friends.

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