30+ Funniest Minion Jokes


Minions are small, pill-shaped creatures from Despicable Me. Read the funniest Minion jokes that’ll have you cracking up.

Photo courtesy of Canva.

Hilarious Minion jokes

1. I used to dislike the Minions.

But, they Gru on me.

2. Why did the Minions stop working?

It was too Gru-ling.

3. Where do Minions buy their clothes?

Banana Republic.

4. How do Minions get good deals?

They use Gru-pon.

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5. What type of sickness did the Minion get diagnosed of?

Yellow fever.

6. What do Minions say when they answer the phone?


7. What diet restrictions do Minions have?

Their food must be Gru-ten-free.

8. What’s Gru’s favorite food?

Filet Minion.

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9. What do Minion ghosts eat?


10. Why don’t Minions take the elevator?

They prefer the banana-ster.

11. What language do Minions speak?


12. How do Minions express gratitude?

Thanks a Minion!

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13. What’s yellow and always points north?

A Minion.

14. Why were Despicable Me and Minion films such a hit?

They were based on a Gru story.

15. What do you call a lot of Minions together?

A Gru-p hug.

16. Why should Minions create their own search engine?

They’re always searching on Gru-gle.

17. What do Minions call their grandmas?


18. What’s worse than a Minion eating a banana?

Minions going bananas.

19. A Minion won the lottery. How much did it win?

A Minion dollars.

20. How tall did the Minions grow to?

They Gru to 105cm.

21. Where do Minions watch funny videos?

On GruTube.

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22. When was Despicable Me first released?

A Minion years ago.

23. Which Minion goes up and down in the water?


24. How much time do Minions need?

One Minion-ute.

25. What do you call an agitated Minion?


26. What do you call an extra small Minion?


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27. What do you call a Minion that doesn’t have a lot of stuff?

A Minion-malist.

28. What do you call it when Minions get together?

A Gru-pie.

29. Why don’t Minions watch horror movies?

They’re too Gru-some.

30. How do you know Minions can dance?

They’re Gru-vy.

31. What do you call a Minion with black stripes?

Despicable Bee.

Featured image courtesy of Canva.