55+ Hilarious Pokémon Puns


Read the funniest and best Pokémon puns that’ll have you laughing your Ash off all day long. You got to read ’em all!

Pokemon toys in grass.
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Funny Pokémon puns

1. I’m laughing my Ash off.

2. It’s Misty outside.

3. I’m Mew to this.

4. I’ll Raichu a letter.

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5. Kakuna Rattata.

6. To grab his attention, Pokémon the shoulder.

7. It was just a Weedle bug.

8. That’s Onix-eptable.

9. We must watch Arbok.

10. Shut your Meowth.

11. Why are you so Slowbro?

12. Seel it tightly.

13. He woke up feeling Krabby.

14. She was Drowzee.

15. When there’s a storm, find Shellder.

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16. Let’s Celebi-rate!

17. If you’re Koffing, get a cough drop.

18. I laughed so hard that I started Weezing.

19. Pokémon go to StaryU after high school.

20. I’m Seaking a new friend.

21. The flight was delayed due to Starmie weather.

22. I’m feeling Wishiwashi.

23. We’re Grubbin tonight.

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24. Don’t mess with him. He’s Honedge.

25. Espurr-cially that one.

26. I want to Axew a question.

27. Swanna hang out this weekend?

28. You sawk.

29. Pignite the fire.

30. No Shawmin the game.

31. Snover there.

32. I’ll have Gabite of that.

33. It’s Stunky.

34. Combee with me.

35. It’s a Luxray store.

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36. Gulpin water.

37. I had to Swellow my gum.

38. Do you Seedot?

39. Hitmontop of the head.

40. Let’s Snubbull.

41. It’s for me, Natu.

42. You’re so Cleffa.

43. I Pichu.

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44. We’ll need to Magmar food.

45. We’re Meltan chocolate.

46. I have to Golbat home. I forgot something.

47. Exeggcute the plan.

48. You’re Rhydon time.

49. The Goldeen years.

50. Watch the flowers Bellossom.

51. A pirate’s favorite Pokémon is Argh-bok.

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52. Hoppip. Hooray.

53. Jumpluff or right?

54. It’s an Unown species.

55. We built a Forretress.

56. He was Zarude.

57. Dubwool or nothing.

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