45+ Hilarious Tool Puns


Tools are necessary for building and fixing. They’re also excellent for building puns. Read the funniest tools puns if you need a break.

Hammer and nail.
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1. Nailed it!

2. This is not a drill.

3. We’re getting hammered tonight.

4. Screw this.

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5. Let’s ply a game.

6. Does it measure up?

7. Pop, lock, and socket.

8. I pity the tool.

9. It was gut-wrenching.

10. As Snoop Dogg would say, fo chisel.

11. I saw that movie the other day.

12. I’ll go with the ladder.

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13. After he found out, he was in shears.

14. She was vise beyond her years.

15. It was an axe-ident.

16. The best way to open an egg is to use a hatchet.

17. Use a multi-porpoise tool.

18. Take it to the post office and mallet to me.

19. It’s pouring outside. I got wrenched.

20. You’re a nut.

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21. Be bolt and courageous.

22. Chainsaw it happen.

23. We’re going clamp-digging this weekend.

24. The business needs to find a new sup-plier.

25. The king of tools is the ruler.

26. The X or Y-axes?

27. You need to drill.

28. I’m saw-tisfied.

29. This is axe-ellent.

30. I do it for the drill.

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31. Tell me the truth, plier.

32. Clamp to the top.

33. Welcome to the screw.

34. The car axe-elerates quickly.

35. It’s a saw-turated industry.

36. I’m going clamping.

37. My dog is spade.

38. I need to take a b-rake.

39. The shovel was a groundbreaking invention.

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40. That’s so ratchet.

41. I screwed up.

42. He was a hammer-teur.

43. I’m so axe-ited.

44. I’m grilling saw-lmon for dinner.

45. Don’t listen to the nail-sayers.

46. Nut-thing can stop me.

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