40+ Hilarious Oil Puns


There are so many types of oils. Some are used for food and others for aromatherapy. They’re also great for humor. Read the best oil puns.

Olive and oil jar.
Photo by David Em and Canva.

Funny oil puns

1. Oil always be here for you.

2. I have to wake up oil-y.

3. You’re oil I need.

4. We’re no longer friends because he was too crude.

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5. I’m having hard-oiled eggs for breakfast.

6. Oil be back for more.

7. Espec-oily that one.

8. It was a rev-oil-ution.

9. The heart symb-oil represents love.

10. Be p-oil-ite.

11. Each store has a p-oil-icy.

12. The king and queen are r-oil.

13. I’ll have oil of them.

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14. You did an exception-oil job.

15. Thanks for being a l-oil friend.

16. I love the instrument-oil version.

17. How is it oil-located?

18. Don’t be so critic-oil.

19. It’s a ch-oil-langing hike.

20. I live in a c-oil-de-sac.

21. Those shoes are oil-tracool.

22. It was theoretic-oil.

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23. She gave me an oil-timatum.

24. Statistic-oily, it could happen.

25. It was a m-oil-tiple choice test.

26. I’ll inst-oil it later.

27. I hope this oil-leviates the pain.

28. You’re artistic-oily gifted.

29. I’ll need addition-oil information.

30. It’s artific-oil.

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31. Congrat-oil-ations!

32. You’re beautif-oil.

33. Is it supposed to be horizont-oil or vertic-oil?

34. I’m learning coil-ligraphy.

35. It’s so colorf-oil.

36. It’s understandab-oil.

37. The parts are interchangeab-oil.

38. These pants are comfortab-oil.

39. You have tastef-oil style.

40. You’re going to be successf-oil.

41. The cookies are irresistab-oil.

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Featured image by David Em and Canva.