30+ Best Leg Puns That Are Too Funny to Stand


Whether your legs are sore from a workout or you’re going for a walk, read the funniest leg puns that’ll have you laughing so hard.

A person's legs walking in water.
Photo courtesy of Canva.

Funny leg puns

1. Ready? Leg-o.

2. I have jet leg.

3. I appreciate my legs. They stand up for me.

4. I got a bruise, but it’s heeling now.

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5. I’d never leg you go.

6. That’s fu-knee.

7. Oh my quad.

8. You calf to see this.

9. What toes that mean?

10. That’s what it’s like tibia a star.

11. I’m going shin-side.

12. Raise a f-leg.

13. I’m heading to Leg-una Beach.

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14. I kneed you.

15. Foot injuries take a long time to heel.

16. Thigh again!

17. I’m thigh-ing of laughter.

18. I started playing leg-crosse.

19. That’s the perfect ankle.

20. I felt that in my sole.

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21. I want to become a shin-ger.

22. I’ll meet you calf-way.

23. That’s leg-ly to happen.

24. That’s a rep-leg-a.

25. I got a job in Si-leg-on Valley.

26. I toe you last time.

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27. I leg you a lot.

28. Keep your shin up.

29. Leg her go.

30. I’m looking forward to the calf-time show.

31. I love shin-teractive learning.

32. What the heel?

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Featured image courtesy of Canva.