60+ Best Star Wars Puns


Read the funniest and best Star Wars pun that’ll leave you laughing so hard. Even Darth Vader would laugh at them.

Star wars character toys.
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Funny Star Wars puns

1. Yoda best!

2. You’re Luke-ing good today.

3. You’re the Obi-Wan I’d want to spend the rest of my life with.

4. I’m going to the Maul.

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5. I need to clean the Windu.

6. BB isn’t hungry because BB-8.

7. C-3PO no!

8. Rey-s the bar.

9. Adobe Wan Kenobi.

10. Princess Leia keeps her hair in a bun, so it doesn’t Han-g Solo-w.

11. I’m taking the ele-Vader.

12. Yoda one for me.

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13. I’m Sith in line.

14. Ewoks away.

15. It was a Wookie mistake.

16. I bought a new To-Yoda.

17. It’s Shmi, not you.

18. Padme on the back when I do a good job.

19. Obi-Wan hour late.

20. You’re looking in Alderaan places.

21. I took a Jabba the Hutt.

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22. Darth tater tots.

23. Is he a friend or Poe?

24. R2-detour.

25. Bon Jovi-Wan Kenobi.

26. You should’ve seen the Luke on your face.

27. The Umpire Strikes Back.

28. We used to do that back Qin the day.

29. I’ll be there Finn a minute.

30. I’m being Sidious.

31. Princess Leia only eats Organa-c food.

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32. There was a Rey-diant light.

33. Let’s use Ewok-ie talkies.

34. You’re a Rey of sunshine.

35. May the fourth be with you.

36. I can’t run far because I have Phasma.

37. I’ll have Datoo.

38. Yoda Lay-hee-hoo.

39. Take my Han.

40. Use your Endor voice.

41. Captain, Needa little help?

42. It’s won-Tarfful.

43. How much does it Koth?

44. That’s the perfect Engell.

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45. Have some Pryde.

46. You’re one in a Maul-ion.

47. Luke on the bright side.

48. Use a cup Erso.

49. Look at that Klaud.

50. Bugs Qui-Gon.

51. It gave me Shriv-ers.

52. Thamm it.

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53. Tis the Thi-Sen.

54. Holy Snokes.

55. It’s Dengar-ous.

56. I want to Dooku-l things.

57. A ghost droid is C-through-PO.

58. Wookies n’ cream.

59. We baked Chewie Wookies.

60. It’s my first time visiting this Sith-y.

61. I’ll Leia kiss on your cheek.

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