45+ Pirate Puns That Arrr Hilarious


You’ve found the hidden treasure of humor. Read the best and funniest pirate puns if you want to have a good laugh.

Pirate ship in the ocean.
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1. How arrr you doing today?

2. The best name for a pirate’s dog is Patches.

3. I’m climbing the cor-pirate ladder.

4. Pirates arrr healthy because they get plenty of vitamin sea.

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5. Pirates were the first to use aye phones.

6. A pirate’s favorite letter is R.

7. Pirates love aye contact.

8. I bought it on sail.

9. There’s no need to arrr-gue.

10. You arrr the best.

11. For each piercing, pirates pay a buck-an-ear.

12. Let’s listen to Arrr&B.

13. At the gym, a pirate walked on a person’s back because he was told to walk the plank.

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14. To make a pirate irate, take away the P.

15. Aye, it’s me.

16. What a great aye-dea.

17. It’s my birthday. Aye matey years old.

18. Pirates pay an arm and a leg for a peg and hook.

19. Aye’ll be there in a minute.

20. Are we thar yet?

21. Ships ahoy.

22. You’re booty-ful.

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23. The pirate had to go to anchor management class.

24. Don’t fall for pier pressure.

25. Goodb-aye. See you later.

26. Matey force be with you.

27. I’m dunbie-ing taken for granted.

28. Santa became a pirate and said, “yo ho ho ho.”

29. Let’s have a b-arrr-becue.

30. Doubloon or nothing.

31. I started playing the f-loot.

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32. Do you want to scuttle?

33. It’s coaming.

34. I chest him until I got the treasure.

35. I don’t give a ship.

36. There’s a loot of treasure.

37. You have me hearty.

38. Aye’ll see you next time.

39. It’s in another aye-l.

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40. Arrr friendship runs deep.

41. It was a stale-matey.

42. I need to brush matey-th.

43. I need my booty sleep.

44. I’m going to b-aye a new ship.

45. I’m a fan of arrr-t.

46. To err is human. To arr is pirate.

47. Pirates can’t play cards when the captain’s standing on the deck.

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