20+ Hilarious Spain Puns


Spain is a diverse and beautiful country. Whether you need a caption or just a good laugh, read the funniest Spain puns.

View of Barcelona, Spain from a rooftop.
Photo courtesy of Canva.

1. That was Spain-ful.

2. I saw it on a Bilbao-d.

3. Oh my Gaudí.

4. That’s a nice Spain-ting.

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5. Make friends so you can avoid becoming a Barce-loner.

6. I’m inspired to Spain-t my house.

7. It’s my Seville duty.

8. We’re Seville-ians.

9. Valencia later.

10. Rioja-ja-ja.

11. Might as Güell.

12. Things are getting real in Madrid.

13. I Spain-ed my ankle.

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14. I bought a Rambla-style house.

15. It was Tiede-ious.

16. Nou, maybe next time.

17. You Nou what?

18. I’m no longer in Spain.

19. It was Ronda table last time I saw it.

20. What’s better, Menorca-ts?

21. If you throw up in Spain, you must be in barf-elona.

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