30+ Best Eye Puns That Are Cornea than Ever


Eye do think eye puns are among the funniest. Some may be cornea than others, but they’ll make you laugh just as much.

Close-up of a person's eye.
Photo courtesy of Canva.

Funny eye puns

1. Eye eye, captain.

2. Eye love you.

3. Puns are getting cornea by the day.

4. Eye’m loving this meal.

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5. It’s eye-deal.

6. Testing my eye-Q.

7. I need time to myself in eye-solation.

8. Eye’ve been here before.

9. You dress nicely and have great st-eye-le.

10. That’s just how eye roll.

11. Eye would like to give it a try.

12. Eye’s Eye’s, baby.

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13. You’re w-eye-se as an owl.

14. Eye see what you did there.

15. Iris my case.

16. There’s a lot of pupil.

17. Eye am what eye am.

18. That’s eye-ronic.

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19. Be careful, eye lash.

20. Eye can’t help it.

21. Any eye-deas?

22. I custom-eye-zed my shoes.

23. You’re all eye need.

24. The sunset was a great s-eye-ght.

25. Let’s drink apple c-eye-der.

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26. I’m hungry. Do you want to grab a b-eye-te?

27. Eye believe you.

28. I want to see the eye-ffel Tower.

29. It’s not quite white, it’s eye-vory.

30. Don’t cr-eye.

31. B-eye now!

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Featured image courtesy of Canva.