50+ Best Easter Puns for an Egg-cellent Day


Easter is one of the cutest holidays of the year. Read the funniest and best Easter puns to make everyone laugh non-stop.

Rabbit in a basket filled with Easter eggs.
Photo by David Em/Box of Puns.

Hilarious Easter puns

1. You’re such a bunny person.

2. I’m egg-static about Easter.

3. I want some-bunny to love.

4. I’m egg-cited for Easter.

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5. Hoppy Easter.

6. No-bunny compares to you.

7. Don’t worry, be hoppy.

8. We’re like two Peeps in a pod.

9. I’ve been dyeing to decorate Easter eggs.

10. I carrot believe it’s Easter.

11. Some-bunny went all out for Easter.

12. Hopping you have an eggs-tra fun Easter.

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13. Chick me out.

14. I’m an Easter eggs-pert.

15. There are no eggs-cuses for losing the Easter egg hunt.

16. I always have a good hare day on Easter.

17. I carrot lot about you.

18. I’m all ears.

19. For Peep’s sake.

20. They lived hop-pily ever after.

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21. That’s all for today, yolks.

22. Ch-ears to an awesome Easter.

23. Ch-egg out this beautiful Easter celebration.

24. All of this celebrating made me eggs-hausted.

25. Easter with you?

26. Stop being so eggs-tra.

27. So good, you can’t egg-nore it.

28. What an eggs-ceptional Easter.

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29. You’re one cool chick.

30. I can’t eggs-press how much I love Easter.

31. The Easter party was rabbit-ing.

32. The Easter bunny loves movies with a hoppy ending.

33. Hop on over.

34. You can’t tell Easter eggs a joke because they’ll crack up.

35. The Easter bunny misbehaved at school and was eggs-pelled.

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36. The Easter eggs are hiding because they’re a little chicken.

37. An Easter egg from outer space is eggs-tra terrestrial.

38. No-bunny lay a finger on my Peep’s.

39. No yolk, I love Easter.

40. Every-bunny dance now.

41. I’m dyeing to celebrate Easter.

42. How does my hare look?

43. The Easter bunny listens to hip-hop.

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44. The Easter bunny wears bracelets that are 18 carrot gold.

45. I hop your Easter is amazing.

46. I’m not eggs-aggerating,

47. She incr-Easter net worth.

48. I would hop to the moon and back for you.

49. Your kisses are to dye for.

50. Hey there, hop stuff.

51. I start every Easter with Eggs-ercise.

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Featured image by David Em/Box of Puns.