30+ Best Dentist Jokes


Twice a year, you’ll visit your dentist. Get ready for your next visit by reading the funniest dentist jokes to share.

Dentist using tools to check a patient's teeth.
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Hilarious dentist jokes

1. How do you reward a dentist?

By giving them a plaque.

2. What’s a dentist’s favorite charitable organization?

One that fights against enamel cruelty.

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3. Why should you get a second opinion from a different dentist?

Each dentist has their own floss-ophy.

4. When do you visit a dentist?


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5. What do you call a dental x-ray?


6. How does a dentist promise not to lie?

They promise to tell the tooth.

7. Which teeth do you need to brush?

The one’s that you want to keep.

8. What do dentists do on a rollercoaster?

Brace themselves.

9. Why was the patient shouting?

The dentist put caps on the patient’s teeth.

10. What did the dentist say to the golfer?

You have a hole in one.

11. Why did the dentist and the manicurist end their date early?

They fought tooth and nail.

12. What does a dentist say when they lose someone special?

I’ve loved and I’ve flossed.

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13. Why are dentists fascinated with Antarctica?

They love molar bears.

14. Why did the dentist go to Panama?

To find the Root Canal.

15. How did the patient leave the dentist’s office as royalty?

The patient got a crown.

16. What did the tooth say to the dentist as she was leaving?

Fill me in when you get back.

17. Where do dentists go when they retire?


18. Why should you be nice to your dentist?

They have fillings too.

19. What’s a dentist’s favorite dinosaur?

A floss-iraptor.

20. Why do dentists install the TV on the ceiling?

So, they can Netflix and drill.

21. Why did the smartphone go to the dentist?

It had a Bluetooth.

22. Why did the deer need braces?

It had buck teeth.

23. What do false teeth have in common with stars?

They only come out at night.

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24. What’s a dentist’s favorite day of the week?


25. Why don’t teeth like jokes?

It’ll crack them up.

26. Why should you call a dentist if you’re ever stuck?

They’re great at extractions.

27. What does a marching band member buy at the store?

A tuba toothpaste.

28. Why can’t the dentist go on a date tonight?

She’s already taking out a tooth.

29. What’s a dentist’s favorite game?

Tooth or Dare.

30. What’s a dentist’s favorite movie?

Plaque to the Future.

31. Where do orcas go to get braces?

The orca-dontist.

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