35 Funniest Rabbit Puns


Bunnies are adorable, quiet, and easy to care for. They also do funny things. Read the best rabbit puns for a good laugh.

Photo by David Em/Box of Puns.

Hilarious rabbit puns

1. I just want some-bunny to love.

2. G-rabbit quickly before it passes.

3. Don’t worry, be hoppy.

4. I’m going on my bunny-moon.

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5. Rabbits love hip-hop music.

6. I’m hop-timistic about it.

7. Bunny, I’m home.

8. You’re so bunny.

9. I’m having a good hare day.

10. Hey there, hop stuff.

11. There’s no-bunny like you.

12. I exercise by doing hare-obics.

13. I wish you were hare.

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14. They lived hop-pily ever after.

15. She became a million-hare.

16. I love stories with a hoppy ending.

17. I’m all ears.

18. You’re ear-resistable.

19. A rabbit housekeeper is called a dust bunny.

20. I’m traveling by hare-plane.

21. Rabbit in.

22. A receding hare-line.

23. I’ll be a hare late.

24. My dad was in the hare force.

25. I need a hare dryer.

26. I play the piano by ear.

27. The celebrity had a bunny-guard.

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28. She em-bunny-d a positive spirit.

29. Be sure to use hare conditioner.

30. Hare you go.

31. I’m so hoppy to see you.

32. Bunny-la or chocolate?

33. Hare did you go?

34. We won, hare and square.

35. Thanks for the hop-portunity.

Featured image by David Em/Box of Puns.