95+ Hilarious Mint Puns That Are Mint to Make You Laugh


Mint is a fragrant herb used in food and products with scents. It’s also an excellent herb for humor. Read the funniest mint puns ever told.

Mint leaves.
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Mint is an easy plant to grow, making it a popular herb for gardeners.

It’s also a versatile plant. You can use mint to add flavors to foods and drinks.

You can also use it for aromatherapy or as a fragrance (Source: National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health).

Within the mint species, there are peppermint, wild mint, spearmint, apple mint, and a dozen more.

When it comes to humor, mint is perfect. With mint, you can make more puns than species.

If you’re ready to laugh, read the following mint puns.

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Funny mint puns

1. It’s mint to be.

2. Thanks for the encourage-mint.

3. I work in the entertain-mint industry.

4. Let’s go to the amuse-mint park.

Mint leaves.
Photo by David Em/Box of Puns.

5. We got into an argue-mint.

6. There’s no judge-mint here.

7. I applied for a new job, and they asked for my employ-mint history.

8. The common advice is to diversify your invest-mints.

9. We have a spare room in the base-mint.

10. I’m moving into a new apart-mint.

11. I was in amaze-mint.

12. The city is building a new park for public enjoy-mint.

13. The Acropolis of Athens is the most famous Greek monu-mint.

14. Thanks for your involve-mint.

15. It’s a big commit-mint.

Mint leaves.
Photo by David Em/Box of Puns.

16. The leaves had all the ele-mints of excellent mint leaves.

17. Be sure to take the correct measure-mints.

18. If you get a cut, use oint-mint.

19. Ketchup, mustard, and mayonnaise are popular condi-mints.

20. I’m a hopeless ro-mint-ic.

21. I mint to tell you but I forgot.

22. They were afraid of abandon-mint.

23. I’m proud of your accomplish-mints.

24. She has a senti-min-tal attachment to her first mint leaves.

25. I’m learning how to play a few instru-mints.

26. I grateful for my mint-or.

27. I’m here to make a pay-mint.

28. Our business is finally getting mo-mint-um.

29. He had an ail-mint.

30. I made pi-mint-o cheese.

31. Thanks for your kind com-mints.

32. The construction company began pouring ce-mint.

33. Kombucha and ginger beer are examples of fer-mint-ed drinks.

34. It was a pig-mint of my imagination.

Mint leaf in a thought bubble.
Photo by David Em/Box of Puns.

35. It used to be gravel. Now, it’s pave-mint.

36. I’ll check the tracking information for my ship-mint.

37. I’m here to sign the docu-mints.

38. The building has a pedi-mint.

39. The mints are seg-mint-ed into three groups.

40. A nonprofit’s investable assets are called an endow-mint.

41. My kids used up their allot-mint.

42. I’m learning about aug-mint-ed reality.

43. The app made a few enhance-mints.

44. Gather all the equip-mint.

45. The teacher gave all her students equal treat-mint.

46. The place-mint matters when it comes to plants.

47. We need to have an agree-mint.

48. Tomorrow, the politician will make a state-mint.

49. I’m hanging orna-mints on the tree.

50. My kids are starting their first day of ele-mint-ary school.

51. I’m competing in the mint-growing tourna-mint.

52. Congratulations on your engage-mint.

53. I’ll need to make an adjust-mint.

54. Did you finish your assign-mints?

55. I take supple-mints to stay healthy.

56. She works for the govern-mint.

57. Thank you for the compli-mints.

58. You’ve met the require-mints.

59. Focus on your personal develop-mint.

60. Take care of the environ-mint.

Mint leaves.
Photo by David Em/Box of Puns.

61. I’m watching a docu-mint-ary.

62. They have a sense of entitle-mint.

63. You have the voice of a sports com-mint-ator.

64. The herbs grew in confine-mint.

65. I’ve tested this by experi-mint.

66. I have an announce-mint.

67. This car has an excellent infotain-mint system.

68. My employer asks for receipts for reimburse-mints.

69. We missed the enroll-mint period.

70. The building needs a little reinforce-mint.

71. It’s compli-mint-ary.

72. Don’t be an embarass-mint.

73. I’m looking for enlighten-mint.

74. I saw these in an advertise-mint.

75. We’ll make arrange-mints.

76. The volcano has been dor-mint for decades.

77. He was ada-mint about what he wants.

78. The city needs to mend these roads.

79. I com-mint you for trying.

80. Take care of your mint-al health.

81. They were la-mint-ing.

82. A luxury mint farm is called Mint-blanc

83. We combined a lot of videos to make a mint-age.

Hilarious mint puns based on names

1. Mint-y Kaling

2. Hugh Jack-mint

3. Mint Damon

4. Natalie Port-mint

5. A-mint-abh Bachchan

6. Carson Mintz

7. Shawn Mint-dez

8. Mint-y Moore

9. Mint Eastwood

10. Mint Jagger

11. E-mint-em

12. Nicole Kid-mint

13. Mint-el Williams

14. Howie Mint-el

15. Jason Bate-mint

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