55+ Hilarious Pepper Puns to Make You Laugh


There are many types of peppers. Some are spicy, while others aren’t. Next time you eat or see one, remember to share funny pepper puns.

Chili pepper.
Photo by David Em/Box of Puns.

Peppers add flavor and color to your meal and garden.

There are many types of peppers, as some are mild, some are sweet, and others are spicy.

The world’s hottest pepper is the Carolina Reaper.

On the Scoville scale, it’s rated at 1,641,183 SHU. That’s almost 11 times spicier than the habanero.

On the other end is the bell pepper, which has a zero rating.

If you’re ready to feel peppy and laugh, read the following pepper puns.

Funny pepper puns

1. One of my favorite plants are pepper-omia.

2. You’re getting pepper with each day.

3. The celebrity was surrounded by pepper-azzi.

Pepper and cameras.
Photo by David Em/Box of Puns.

4. Grocery stores use pepper-bags instead of plastic.

5. Banks deliver statements online now. They’re going pepper-less.

6. Pepper-onata is an Italian side dish with bell peppers.

7. I’m a little chili.

8. I’m jalapeño business.

9. When a pepper wears pants, it always uses a bell-t.

10. The bell pepper said to the other, “I’ll give you a ring sometime.”

Bell pepper.
Photo by David Em/Box of Puns.

11. I always add pepper-ika to the stew.

12. My favorite bird is the sand-pepper.

13. Marine fish live in saltwater because pepper makes them sneeze.

14. The scariest pepper is the ghost pepper.

15. No poblano.

16. I’m making lasagna with rocoto cheese.

17. At school, my kids are learning about the piri-odic table of elements.

18. It was un-bell-ievable!

19. When swimming in the ocean, watch out for chili-fish.

20. I’m learning how to play the b-ancho.

21. Serrano I made a mistake. Give me another chance.

22. A group of islands with peppers is an archipela-ghost.

23. Pepper on the back. She did a great job.

24. Let’s play hide-and-seek. No pequin.

25. You’re my pepper half-apeño.

26. A Muslim pepper is a halal-peño.

27. You’re not who you pepper-t to be.

Two small peppers.
Photo by David Em/Box of Puns.

28. Young chili peppers are chili-dren.

29. Guajillo. What’s up?

30. Shishito is my favorite skincare brand.

31. I pimento help, but it slipped my mind.

32. How have Cuban?

33. It’s for her Anaheim.

34. Pasilla later.

35. Fresno way.

36. Check the piri-meter.

37. Keep it in the fridge because it’s piri-shable.

38. I like to add pepper-oncino to sandwiches.

39. Make sure everything is pepper-ortional.

40. I’m finding my life’s peppers.

41. Pepper late than never.

42. I’ve seen pepper days.

43. I made a pepper airplane.

44. In the cave, it seemed like there was pepper-tual darkness.

45. Marvel created a pepper-based character. It’s hulk-apeño.

46. To clean the air, I’m getting an air piri-fier.

47. I bell-t this myself.

48. You’re capa-bell of great things.

49. This pepper is impecca-bell.

Bell pepper.
Photo by David Em/Box of Puns.

50. You’re one in a bell-ion.

51. A piri-ng knife is used to peel or cut fruit and vegetables.

52. These peppers need a sta-bell environment to grow.

53. The school is having a pepper rally.

54. It was for a no-bell cause.

55. I saw an bell-board promoting new peppers.

56. There’s low visi-bell-ity.

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Featured image by David Em/Box of Puns.