40 Hilarious Ocean Puns


The ocean is majestic and beautiful. It also makes for good humor. Read the funniest ocean puns that are shore to make you laugh.

Ocean wave.
Photo courtesy of Canva.

The funniest ocean puns

1. The ocean doesn’t say anything. It just waves.

2. I’m shore you did.

3. It ap-piers so.

4. You’re so-fish-ticated.

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5. Is it your calf ocean?

6. Water you doing?

7. Don’t be shellfish.

8. I’ll be more Pacific.

9. If there’s a will, there’s a wave.

10. I’m feeling em-ocean-al.

11. There’s so much comm-ocean.

12. My skin’s dry. I need l-ocean.

13. My hands are tide.

14. You’re krilling me.

15. You’re about to get schooled.

16. It’s one shell of a place.

17. I got a prom-ocean.

18. I admire their dev-ocean.

19. It’s getting out of sand.

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20. Sun of a beach.

21. Don’t get tide down.

22. When shell we go?

23. Yeah, buoy.

24. There’s corr-ocean.

25. Did you hear an expl-ocean?

26. Can you wave the fee?

27. Keep your room tide-y.

28. Make a fish.

29. Do you want to cuttle?

30. I eel like shell-ebrating.

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31. If you’re sick, you may need a p-ocean.

32. Do your best not to get a dem-ocean.

33. Sand some my way.

34. Whale, I guess not.

35. Just let minnow.

36. You can run, but you can’t tide.

37. There are other waves around.

38. Don’t krill my vibe.

39. Locom-ocean.

40. Ocean-guards will help.

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Featured image courtesy of Canva.