60+ Hilarious Bell Puns to Ring a Laugh


The bell is one of the oldest instruments. It’s hollow, metal, and makes a sound when you strike it. Read the funniest bell puns for a laugh.

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Bells are musical instruments that also serve as a way to get attention.

The origins of metal bells date back to China during the Bronze Age. Today, bells are alarms, instruments, and a way to keep time.

If you’re ready to laugh, read the following bell puns.

Next time you see or hear one, share the puns to make others laugh.

Funny bell puns

1. I bell-ieve you.

2. Get bell soon.

3. A bee flew into a bell. I thought, “That’s a real humdinger.”

4. Bell, bell, bell.

5. I’m getting bell-oons for the party.

6. I’m a-bell to help.

Hand bell.
Photo by David Em/Box of Puns.

7. The singer signed with a record la-bell.

8. A bell that opposes others is a re-bell.

9. It’s bell-ow the surface.

10. I saw a child on a bike holding an edam-style cheese. It was their baby bell.

11. They bell in love.

12. We bell-ong together.

13. I use bar-bells at the gym.

14. Everyone has a set of bell-iefs.

15. Bell-ts keep your pants in place.

16. Happy bell-ated birthday.

17. Don’t bell-ittle me.

18. It was un-bell-ievable.

19. Gather your bell-ongings.

20. A rolling bell is mo-bell.

21. I have faith in your a-bell-ities.

22. The inventor of the doorbell won a no-bell prize.

23. I enjoy playing bell-iards.

24. A bell that speaks two languages is bell-ingual.

25. We all need sta-bell-ity.

26. I saw the advertisement on a bell-board.

27. It’s a lia-bell-ity

28. A wealthy bell is a bell-ionaire.

Bell and money.
Photo by David Em/Box of Puns.

29. Bells drive automo-bells.

30. The product is known for its dura-bell-ity.

31. Visi-bell-ity is low in fog.

32. A bell moves through the snow in a snowmo-bell-e.

33. Use credi-bell sources.

34. Anything is possi-bell.

35. Calculate the proba-bell-ities.

36. I have confidence in its relia-bell-ity.

37. It’s impossi-bell.

38. It’s the afforda-bell choice.

39. You’re a responsi-bell person.

40. The event has glo-bell effects.

41. A bell’s favorite type of dance is bell-et.

Two bells.
Photo by David Em/Box of Puns.

42. I end each day by drinking her-bell tea.

43. We had a ver-bell agreement.

44. I love watching sunsets on the bell-cony.

45. I’m working on my bell-ancing skills.

46. A bell’s favorite arcade game is pin-bell.

47. I enjoy bell-room dancing.

48. We’re going paint-bell-ing this weekend.

49. When a bell goes to the beach, it plays volley-bell.

50. The lion is a sym-bell of courage.

51. It was terri-bell.

52. I’m working on improving my voca-bell-ary.

53. You’re fa-bell-ous.

54. If a bell gets hurt, call an am-bell-ance.

Photo by David Em/Box of Puns.

55. There was a lot of tur-bell-ence on the flight.

56. Dou-bell or nothing.

57. You’re a hum-bell person.

58. A soft bell is a mum-bell.

59. A bell you can’t see is invisi-bell.

60. Make yourself comforta-bell.

61. It was a com-bell-ing speech.

62. The witch cast a s-bell.

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