65+ Funny Fern Puns to Grow a Laugh


Ferns are vascular plants found in wet climates. You’ll find them when camping or on tropical vacations. Read fern puns for a good laugh.

Photo by David Em/Box of Puns.

Ferns are some of the oldest plants on Earth. They date back more than 300 million years, making them older than dinosaurs.

Ferns don’t have flowers or seeds. They reproduce by tiny spores.

There are thousands of species, with most in tropical climates. A few hardy ones live in the desert and the Arctic.

Next time you see one, laugh with the following fern puns.

The ultimate list of fern puns

1. I’m a fern believer.

2. It’s your fern.

3. Fern baby fern.

Photo by David Em/Box of Puns.

4. I just fern-d out about it.

5. I’m shopping for fern-iture.

6. I’m looking for a fern-ished apartment.

7. The fern-ace is broken.

8. I’m having so much fern.

9. I love watching baseball games at Fern-way Park.

10. Fern-d for yourself.

11. That was an of-fern-sive comment.

12. Jump the fern-ce.

13. I’m learning self-de-fern-se.

14. Soccer players can play de-fern-se and of-fern-se.

15. I’m attending a fern-eral this Sunday.

16. The customer wants a re-fern-d.

17. The new machine fern-ctions well.

18. They live in a world of fern-tasy.

Two fern leaves.
Photo by David Em/Box of Puns.

19. I’m a big fern of sports.

20. You’re fern-tastic.

21. I watched The Fern-tom of the Opera.

22. You look fern-cy in that outfit.

23. The business is in its in-fern-cy stage.

24. They’re fern-atical about ferns.

25. You did a fern-omenal job.

26. The sym-fern-y is performing tonight.

27. You can call me on my cell-fern.

28. I’m fern-d of you.

29. I work for a local fern-dation.

30. They enjoyed their new-fern-d freedom.

31. A fern-el of truth.

32. They’re running for go-fern-or.

33. They were an o-fern-ight success.

34. There’s a new ta-fern in town.

35. They were in a fern-erable position.

36. I applied for an in-fern-ship.

37. They claim to have su-fern-atural powers.

38. It was a natural fern-omenon.

39. They’re fern-est people.

40. Fern puns are so fern-ny.

41. I fern-ly believe it.

42. Fern down for what.

43. Good fern you.

44. We’ll be best ferns forever.

45. They’re fern-ding a new project.

46. An accident between ferns is a fern-der bender.

Photo by David Em/Box of Puns.

47. Fern-ess your strengths.

48. They fern a good salary.

49. They believe in rein-fern-ation.

50. I’m fern-t out.

51. This is the fern-ing point.

52. A fern’s favorite author is Fern-est Hemingway.

53. I’m playing in a fern-ament this weekend.

Puns based on the parts of a fern

1. Thanks for being a great frond.

Photo by David Em/Box of Puns.

2. Send me apex message.

3. They’re a big fish in a little frond.

4. They told blade-nt lies.

5. Give money to the spore.

6. Let’s have a pinna colada.

7. Leaf it to me.

8. I’m traveling to Midrib, Spain.

9. We’re waiting at the frond-ier.

10. I’ll spore you the trouble.

11. The shop has a beautiful store-frond.

12. Fern down spore what?

13. They can be con-frond-ational.

14. It was a pinnate characteristic.

15. I’ll be there pinna minute.

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Featured image by David Em/Box of Puns.