30+ Hilarious Sunday Jokes for a Fun Weekend


Sunday is the final day of the weekend. Relax and end it on a good note with humor. Read hilarious Sunday jokes for a good laugh.

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In most Western countries, Sunday is the last day of the weekend.

Sunday derives from the Middle English word, sunnenday. It means “sun’s day.”

It’s a day of relaxation. You can rest at home, hang out with friends, or take your family out to play.

Start the day with humor by reading the following Sunday jokes.

Be sure to share them with others to spread joy and laughter.

Funny Sunday jokes

1. What’s the only dessert you can eat on the last day of the weekend?

A sundae.

2. What’s Newton’s Law of Sunday?

A body at rest will continue to be at rest.

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3. Why did the kid think it was Sunday?

Because it was sunny.

4. What’s the worst thing you can mention on Sunday?


5. Which day of the week makes you happy in the morning and sad in the evening?


6. Who would win in a fight, Sunday or Monday?

Sunday because Monday is a weak day.

7. Why’s Sunday always better than the day before?

The day before was sadder day.

8. Why did the man wear pants with holes to church on Sunday?

They were his holy pants.

9. What do you call someone who experiences anxiety on Saturday and Sunday?

A weekend worrier.

10. What’s a vampire’s least favorite day?


11. Why did the couple name their new baby Sunday?

They already have ten kids. So, they thought they would call it a day.

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12. Why do choirs only sing on Sunday?

They were told it’s Song-day.

13. Why did my family celebrate my brother?

They said it was Son-day.

14. Which household task sucks the most on Sunday?


15. How do you know weekends are made poorly?

They don’t last very long.

16. On what day of the week are movements optional?


17. What do you call it when someone is stunned on Sunday?


18. Did you hear the story about Saturday and Sunday?

It was off to a great start, but it has a weekend.

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19. Why should you go to the beach on Sunday?

It’s Sand-ay.

20. What’s the best exercise to do on Sunday morning?

Coffee cup curls.

21. Monday – Greg. Tuesday – Ian. Wednesday – Greg. Thursday – Ian. Friday – Greg. Saturday – Ian. Sunday – Greg.

The Gregorian calendar.

22. Why’s Chick-fil-A closed on Sundays?

They go to Church’s Chicken.

23. Why do I always feel healthy on Saturday and Sunday but sick on the other days?

I have a weekend immune system.

24. Why aren’t Saturday and Sunday strong days anymore?

They were weekend.

25. Why can’t it rain on Sunday?

Then it would be rain-day.

26. What comes after Sunday?


27. Just a reminder that Father’s Day is Sunday.

Not this Sunday, but it’s on a Sunday this year.

28. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday.

Those were the days.

29. Why did the sun cover its eyes on Sunday?

It saw the back side of the moon.

30. What or who sponsors Sunday morning’s good mood?


31. What do you call a priest who kills it every Sunday?

A mass murderer.

32. Why do fish get lonely on the weekends?

There’s no school on Saturday or Sunday.

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