88 Best Country Puns (Uganda Laugh So Hard)


With almost 200 countries on Earth, there are plenty of opportunities to add a twist of humor. Read the funniest country puns on the planet.

Photo by David Em/Box of Puns.

Every continent aside from Antarctica has more than one country.

While the United Nations recognizes 193 countries, there are a few non-member observers and partially-recognized countries.

With many countries comes many opportunities for puns and humor.

The following are the funniest country puns on planet Earth.

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North American country puns

1. Canada-l win the tennis match?

2. A bee in America is a USB.

3. Let’s go s-Cuba diving.

4. I Haiti see you like this.

5. Jamaica-n me crazy.

6. I’m Havana great time in Cuba.

South American country puns

1. I can’t Belize it!

2. Uruguay, and you’re a girl.

3. I’ll need a coat because it’s a bit Chile.

4. I don’t Bolivia.

5. You’re one in a Brazil-ion.

Brazil flag.
Photo by David Em/Box of Puns.

6. If you need help, ask a Peru-fessional.

7. I love Paraguay-ding over the ocean.

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African country puns

1. I have Togo.

2. I’m Ghana go to the beach.

3. Kenya believe it?

4. I lost my favorite hat. I’m Chad about it.

5. I’ll take my pug anywhere he Congo.

6. Twerking is simply Djibouti shaking.

Photo by David Em/Box of Puns.

7. A-Botswana in two people share a bed with someone who snores.

8. Zambia-sed because I prefer tacos over burritos.

9. I’m going Tunisia to help me with this.

10. It’s too Somalia. Make it bigger.

11. I didn’t see it coming. It happened Sudan-ly.

12. She changed her Suriname.

13. Senegal-f club to me for my birthday.

14. Rwanda the movie. I missed it.

Asian country puns

1. I’m just China help.

2. Taiwan shoe. Then, Thai the other.

3. Yemen, let’s go.

4. Oman, that’s going to be tough.

5. Iran away.

6. Turn the music up Laos-der.

7. Pass the Bhutan.

8. Cyprus-d the wrong button.

9. Iraq-d my new car.

10. Korea has Seoul.

11. It’s Japan in the butt.

12. Maldives options are making it hard to choose one.

13. My new hobby is playing the Qatar.

Photo by David Em/Box of Puns.

14. I wrote a book a-Bahrain.

15. Where did you get Japan-ts? I want a pair.

16. Saudi, what did you say?

17. Armenia, if you insist.

18. I’m being Syria-s.

19. Israel-ly hot in here.

20. Let me know when Jordan.

21. There’s no need to rush, it Kuwait.

22. I’m hiking India mountains.

European country puns

1. England doesn’t have a kidney bank, but it has a Liverpool.

2. I’m so Hungary.

3. I’ll Czech it out.

4. Sweden your coffee with sugar.

5. Iceland in Keflavík tomorrow at noon.

6. Ukraine do anything you set your mind to.

Photo by David Em/Box of Puns.

7. Use Greece to make French fries.

8. I’ll race you to the Finnish line.

9. Ireland is the fastest-growing country. Every week it’s Dublin.

10. Push through the Spain.

11. There’s Norway I’m going.

12. Is this a rock? Well, Estonia.

13. Is that German? He seems nice.

14. I like to Rome around in Italy.

15. Switzerland is a beautiful country. The flag is a plus.

16. England is tea-riffic.

17. My favorite animals are Wales.

18. Everyone’s Russian through the airport.

19. I’m always Poland strings for you.

20. When fruits go on vacation, they go to Pear-is.

21. My favorite drink is a Malta milkshake.

22. I’ll have a de-Luxembourg-er.

23. Growing up, I watched Curious George Andorra the Explorer.

24. I was Britain by a bug on my trip.

25. Monaco to the mall with me?

Australian and Oceanian country puns

1. Oh, Guam on.

2. I Cairns believe I’m in Australia.

3. It’s priced well over its Tuvalu.

4. I’m Zealand the deal.

5. I want Samoa.

6. Where’s your Papua?

7. I get up early to Palau the fields.

8. The opposite of old age is Niue-ge.

9. They Tokelau-t. So, there’s not much left.

10. This Wallis so tall.

11. Nauru going to the party this weekend?

12. As I kid, I played with Tonga trucks.

13. Here today, Guam tomorrow.

14. This is something to Tonga-bout.

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