105 Funny White Lie Party Ideas (Get Everyone Talking)


Everyone tells white lies. It’s also one of the best party ideas. So, have a fun time with the top white lie party ideas to get everyone talking.

White lie party idea t-shirt.
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Deciding to do a white lie party is the first step. The second is to have the best white lies to get everyone talking and laughing.

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Anyone you ask can admit they’ve told a white lie before. So, it’s a party theme that can get 100% participation.

If you need ideas for white lies, the following are the best options.

White lies everyone tells

There are some white lies most people have told. The following are the most common ones you might have said before.

1. Sorry, my phone died.

2. Your haircut looks amazing.

3. Of course, I remember you.

4. That’s a great idea.

5. Yes, that makes sense.

6. I’m five minutes away.

7. Traffic was horrible.

8. That’s my top priority.

9. It wasn’t me.

10. I overslept.

11. I can’t come in today. I’m sick.

12. Money isn’t important.

13. I don’t mind.

14. I eat healthy.

15. I don’t procrastinate.

16. I can’t wait.

17. I’m not hungry.

18. It was nice to meet you.

19. Have you lost weight?

20. Oh, I thought I already did that.

21. I forgot to hit send (or save).

22. I’ll call you later.

23. I’ve read the terms and conditions.

24. Just kidding.

25. That was my last piece of gum.

26. I’m busy that day.

27. I’m fine.

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28. I wasn’t checking him (or her) out.

29. I’ve only had a few drinks.

30. No, this isn’t new. I’ve had it forever.

31. I was just resting my eyes.

32. I’ve never peed in a pool.

33. I dated the prom king (or queen).

34. I’ve never had a traffic ticket.

35. I don’t inhale.

36. I’ve never lied to my parents.

37. I didn’t know there was a dress code.

38. I totally forgot about our meeting.

39. I hate attention.

40. I’ll pay you back.

41. I’m not that kind of guy (or girl).

42. I’m a great driver.

43. Your secret is safe with me.

44. I don’t do it for the money.

45. I quit smoking.

46. Let’s keep in touch.

47. I can have fun without alcohol.

48. I already have plans.

49. I’ve been so busy.

50. I never sleep in.

51. I love my job.

52. I’m happy for you.

53. I didn’t take it.

54. I love being single.

55. I didn’t fart.

56. I’m a smart Asian.

57. Yes, I’ve seen it.

58. I don’t go on social media anymore.

59. I just rolled out of bed.

60. It’s not you. It’s me.

61. I don’t wear much makeup.

62. I’m bilingual.

63. I only bake from scratch.

64. I don’t judge people.

65. My place is so messy.

66. I’m so over them.

67. I make ($) per year.

68. I’m not here for the food.

69. I don’t care about looks.

70. You have such a lovely home.

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Couples white lie party ideas

Couple wearing white t-shirts and jeans.
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If you’re going to a couple’s white lie party, the following are excellent ideas that’ll resonate with you.

1. We love volunteering at school.

2. I love Fantasy Football season.

3. He (or she) is always on time.

4. They’re so dependable.

5. They’re such a great listener.

6. I don’t snore.

7. I love his (or her) cooking.

8. They’re so helpful around the house.

9. Our kid is sick.

10. Just tell the truth, I won’t be mad.

11. She (or he) is my first.

12. They’re low maintenance.

13. Your friends are so nice.

14. I’m not the jealous type.

15. We always cook at home.

16. We’re starting a new exercise program tomorrow.

17. He (or she) is the funniest.

18. We’ve never thought about breaking up (or getting a divorce).

19. We never fight or argue.

20. I don’t think about her (or him) anymore.

Naughty white lie party ideas

If you want to get naughty and spice things up, the following are the best white lies to push boundaries.

1. I’ve never had a one-night stand.

2. I’m a virgin.

3. I’m not wearing underwear.

4. I’m not horny.

5. I’ve never done anything like this on a first date.

6. Size doesn’t matter.

7. Yes, I also finished.

8. I always use condoms.

9. My face isn’t a seat.

10. I’m not going to have sex tonight.

11. I’ve never been naked in public.

12. I’ve never done the walk of shame.

13. I’m not a cougar.

14. That’s a pencil in my pocket.

15. I’ve only slept with guys (or girls).

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