40+ Funny Pencil Jokes


Pencils are writing and drawing utensils. You’ll find them in schools and among artists. Read funny pencil jokes for a good laugh.

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Writing records history. It’s the primary form of communication across space and time.

The earliest human writings date back to Mesopotamia. Today, there are records of it that span thousands of years.

The pencil is a writing utensil that plays a significant role.

They allow you to write and draw without the fear of being perfect, as you can erase mistakes.

Read the following pencil jokes for a laugh next time you use one.

Hilarious pencil jokes

1. Who’s a pencil’s favorite Disney princess?


Photo by David Em/Box of Puns.

2. I have a pencil that used to belong to William Shakespeare. He chewed it a lot.

Now, I can’t tell if it’s 2B or not 2B.

3. What did the paper say to the pencil?

Write on.

4. What did the sharpener say to the pencil?

Looking sharp.

5. Which pencil smells the worst?

Number 2.

6. Where do pencils go on vacation?


7. Which tool do pencils respect the most?

The ruler.

8. How do you find a lost pencil?

Trace it.

9. Why can’t you consider pencils as stationery?

They roll.

10. What did the pencil call its fiancé?

Its bride 2B.

11. What did the pencil say to the other during a debate?

Great point.

12. Did you hear the story about the broken pencil?

It’s pointless.

13. What’s a pencil’s favorite streaming platform?

HB-O Max.

14. What do you say to a pencil that keeps rambling on?

Get to the point.

15. What do you call a pencil with erasers at both ends?


16. Why can’t you disagree with a pencil?

It has a point.

17. What did the pencil say before giving up?

There’s no point.

18. Why do pencils shave?

To look sharp.

19. What does a pencil say when you prove it wrong?

You’re write.

20. Why can’t you trust artists who use pencils?

They’re shady.

21. Did you hear about the pencil fight?

It was a draw.

22. Why did the pencils break up?

It wasn’t meant 2B.

23. Why do influencers carry pencils?

To draw attention.

24. Why shouldn’t you decorate your house with pencils?

It would look sketchy.

25. What did the pencil say to the sharpener?

My life would be pointless without you.

Photo by David Em/Box of Puns.

26. What’s the funniest writing utensil?

A pun-cil.

27. Did you hear about the accountant with constipation?

They had to use a pencil because they couldn’t budget.

28. How do pencils exercise?

They ride a stationary bike.

29. Why did the pencil fail art class?

It kept drawing a blank.

30. Why shouldn’t you bring pencils to a basketball game?

It’ll draw fouls.

31. What happened after Scooby-Doo ate a pencil?

He became 2B-Doo.

32. Why did the pencil make a fool of itself?

It wasn’t very sharp.

33. Why did the pencil take dance lessons?

To sharpen its moves.

34. How did the blunt pencil feel in the morning?


35. How can a pencil make a room darker?

By drawing the curtain.

Photo by David Em/Box of Puns.

36. What did the student say after suddenly breaking their pencil?

I can’t write now.

37. Why couldn’t the pencil write a check?

It’s broke.

38. Did you hear about the new pencil with invisible graphite?

I don’t see the point.

39. What do you call a pencil tip’s perspective?

Its point of view.

40. Who’s a pencil’s favorite band?

Lead Zeppelin.

Photo by David Em/Box of Puns.

41. Which pencil was a droid in Star Wars?


42. What do you call it when a pen isn’t early or late?

Write on time.

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