30+ Time Puns That Beat the Clock


Time passes, and you don’t get it back. Read the funniest and best time puns that’ll make each moment filled with humor and more enjoyable.

Alarm clock on a table.
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Hilarious time puns

1. I tried to eat a clock. It was time-consuming.

2. 6:30 is the best time. Hands down.

3. A belt with a watch is a waist of time.

4. It’s about time they made a movie about clocks.

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5. 11:59:59 is the best time. Second to noon.

6. My boss asked me to work overtime. So, I put a clock under my desk.

7. I worked at a clock factory a few years back. It was the time of my life.

8. You can’t trust a watch with your secrets because time will tell.

9. I sat on a clock to be on time.

10. You can tell that a clock is hungry if it goes back four seconds.

11. I just got a 24-hour clock yesterday, and it broke. It only lasted a day.

12. The only animal that understands time is a watch dog.

13. I got a clock book. It’s about time.

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14. The most popular time to go to the dentist is tooth-hurty.

15. I was running late, so I bought a clock to buy time.

16. My grandfather’s clock is also called an old timer.

17. I threw my clock to see time fly.

18. I lost my job at the clock factory. Even after all those hours, I put in.

19. I put an alarm clock in my shoe to ensure that my feet don’t fall asleep.

20. I used a timer for the first time. It alarmed me.

21. My favorite herb is time.

22. The clock got in trouble because it was tocking too much.

23. Choco-late is never on time.

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24. I heard a great time travel joke tomorrow.

25. I’m holding ten watches. You could say I have a lot of time on my hands.

26. A thief stole a clock at 10:10, and the police said, “hands up.”

27. I was going to look for my lost watch, but I could never find the time.

28. The clock wasn’t working. It needed a hand.

29. Scientists put a watch in a beaker to find a timely solution.

30. The clock was outside because it was in time out.

31. I measured a clock to find the beginning and end of time.

32. Hour you doing?

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