20 Hilarious Money Puns


Some puns don’t make cents, but money puns always do. Dough you need a good laugh? Read the funniest money puns.

Person holding cash in front of their face.
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1. It doesn’t make cents.

2. A dollar had a daughter and named her “Penny”.

3. Dollar at me.

4. Dracula keeps his money at the blood bank.

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5. This is non-cents.

6. Wads up?

7. It’s a dime-osaur.

8. Oh, how dimes have changed.

9. The only way it can rain money is if there’s a change in the weather.

10. The choir was singing in har-money.

11. Ouch, I hit money.

12. It must be a coin-cidence.

13. The money-cipal offices.

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14. There are so money people here.

15. I’m money-festing a prosperous future.

16. I’m going to the spa to get a money-cure.

17. She felt cent-imental.

18. The performance was cents-ational.

19. The cere-money went well.

20. Penguins keep their money at the snow bank.

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