50+ Beach Puns That’ll Shore-ly Make You Laugh


Whether you’re on a beach vacation or want to be, read the best beach puns that’ll shore-ly make you laugh.

Person sitting on a chair on a beach.
Photo courtesy of Canva.

Hilarious beach puns

1. I beach you to it.

2. Don’t get tide down.

3. Life’s a beach.

4. Are you shore?

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5. Sea the beauty in everything.

6. Water you doing today?

7. This is my resting beach face.

8. To beach their own.

9. Avoid pier pressure.

10. Shell we go to the beach?

11. Sea-ze the day.

12. The beach has cra-sea views.

13. Let’s shell-ebrate this beautiful beach.

14. This beach is out-sand-ing.

15. Tropic likes it’s hot.

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16. Let’s have some sun.

17. Shell yeah!

18. Shore-ly, there’s a spot for us on the beach.

19. If there’s a will, there’s a wave.

20. Just beach happy.

21. Shell meet us at the beach.

22. ‘Tis the sea-sun.

23. I can’t wait to sea you.

24. I’m along for the tide.

25. Sea, myself, and I.

26. Just go with the float.

27. It ap-piers to be that way.

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28. I’ll meet you on the other tide.

29. How’s it going, buoys and gulls?

30. I’m getting Vitamin Sea.

31. Lucky sun of a beach.

32. At the beach, it’s always sun-day.

33. This is reel-y good.

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34. I don’t give a clam.

35. Long time, no sea.

36. Hollar at your buoy.

37. This is my gill-ty pleasure.

38. I’m just coasting along.

39. For shore!

40. I can keep a sea-cret.

41. That’s a beach tree.

42. We tide the knot.

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43. That’s shell-arious!

44. You’re so spe-shell.

45. Keep palm and carry on.

46. It’s getting sea-rious.

47. What are you docking about?

48. We’re going to sandy-ego.

49. This shore is perfection.

50. Where’s my shell-phone?

51. Beach, please.

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Featured image courtesy of Canva.