60+ Hilarious Clam Puns to Make You LOL


Clams live in freshwater and saltwater. They’re mollusks that you can dig for and eat. Next time you see one, remember clam puns for a good laugh.

Open clam.
Photo by David Em/Box of Puns.

Clams are burrowing mollusks that live on sand or mud. They have shells to protect them from external factors.

There are many types, such as steamers, razors, quahog, manila, and geoduck.

The largest of all is the giant clam. It’s four feet and weighs more than 400 pounds.

Some clams can be eaten, while others can’t.

Whether you’re harvesting or cooking them, the following are the best clam puns to make you laugh.

Funny clam puns

1. The clam before the storm.

2. Let’s go clam-ping.

3. Shellfish take photos with clam-eras.

Clam with an open shell.
Photo by David Em/Box of Puns.

4. Use a clam-p to hold it together.

5. Be prepared for in-clam-ent weather.

6. The event led to clam-ity.

7. A clam’s favorite hip-hop group is the Wu-Tang Clam.

Clam shell.
Photo by David Em/Box of Puns.

8. You need evidence to support a clam.

9. On a clam’s birthday, all the creatures shell-ebrate.

10. It takes time to ac-clam-ate.

11. The most intense point in a movie or book is the clam-ax.

12. Just remain clam.

13. We clam-bed to the top of the mountain.

14. Greenhouse gas emissions cause clam-ate change.

15. If I don’t get enough sleep, I can be clam-sy.

16. The pieces are clam-ping together.

17. A clam-atologist studies weather patterns.

18. Clam-ari is a popular squid dish.

19. Clam it!

20. Clam-entines are a variety of mandarin oranges.

21. If you cross a flower with a clam, you get a clam-atis.

22. Clams bury themselves into the sand for shell-ter.

23. If you cross a dog and a clam, you get a Clam-ber Spaniel.

24. The house has clam-inate flooring.

25. A popular drink in the summer is clam-onade.

26. My new chair offers better clam-bar support.

27. A clam’s favorite luxury sports car is a Clam-borghini.

28. I bought a new clam-pshade for my bedside tables.

29. One of the most popular mobile video games is Clash of Clams.

30. The clam went unnoticed because it wore clam-oflauge.

Clam with eyes.
Photo by David Em/Box of Puns.

31. The school has a new clam-pus.

32. I’m traveling to Clam-bodia this summer.

33. The company’s running a new clam-paign.

34. Every morning, I drink clam-omile tea.

35. We have a lot in clam-mon.

36. That’s an excellent clam-bination.

37. I’m reading a new clam-ic book.

38. We have clam-istry.

39. I can’t even begin to clam-prehend.

40. There’s nothing like s’mores and a clam-pfire.

41. We’re making a clam-back.

42. A funny clam is a clam-edian.

Clam with an open shell.
Photo by David Em/Box of Puns.

43. The leader of the clams is the clam-mander.

44. We’re hosting a clam-munity event.

45. I bought it after seeing a clam-mercial for it.

46. I entered the clam harvesting clam-petition.

47. My friends and I are clam-petitive.

48. You have excellent clam-munication skills.

49. Dogs are great clam-panions.

50. You’re a clam-passionate person.

51. Clam on. You can do it.

52. My new daily driver is a Toyota Clam-ry.

53. My shoes are made with a clam-vas material.

54. We have a predi-clam-ent.

55. It clam not happen again.

56. I don’t give a clam.

Puns based on clam types

1. I pulled a mussel.

2. She’s a manila-ionaire.

3. My siblings quahog the toys.

4. Can you be more Pacific?

5. I’m training to become a razor.

6. She got used to the hustle and mussel of daily life.

7. We mussel met somewhere before. You look familiar.

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Featured image by David Em/Box of Puns.