70+ Funny Octopus Puns to Make You Laugh


An octopus is a sea creature with a soft body and eight tentacles. If you’re fascinated with them, read the best octopus puns.

Photo by David Em/Box of Puns.

Octopuses are unique. They have bulbous heads with eight limbs attached to them.

Their limbs feature suction cups, allowing them to taste and touch.

Octopuses come in many sizes. The common octopus is around a foot long, while the Pacific octopus can grow up to 14 feet long.

Whether you’re going to an aquarium or taking a boat out on the ocean, you may encounter octopuses.

Be prepared to make everyone laugh with the following octopus puns.

Hilarious octopus puns

1. A funny octopus tells octo-puns.

2. Young octopuses ride the octo-bus to school.

3. Don’t make an octo-fuss about it.

4. It takes ten-tickles to make an octopus laugh.

Photo by David Em/Box of Puns.

5. You octo-py my heart.

6. An eight-sided pie is called an octo-pie.

7. A positive octopus is octo-mistic.

8. Octopuses that look the same are i-tentacle.

9. An octopus that plays in a rock band is a rock-topus.

10. The octopus blushed because it saw the bottom of the ocean.

11. Check the octo-pulse to see if an octopus is alive.

12. I’m going to school to become a doctor of octo-metry.

13. All octopuses are born in Octo-ber.

14. An octopus that tells time is a clock-topus.

15. You tentacle my fancy.

16. The bank charged an octo-nomical fee.

17. Octopuses keep their money in an octo-purse.

18. Octopuses that go to space are octo-nauts.

19. A group of octopuses is an octo-posse.

Three octopuses.
Photo by David Em/Box of Puns.

20. I’m making socks for octopuses. It’ll be called sock-topus.

21. An octopus can eat ten-tacos.

22. Another name for a job for an octopus is an octo-pation.

23. The news Transformers movie feature Octopus Prime.

24. A cool octopus that plays sports is a jock-topus.

25. That’s not a real octopus, it’s a mock-topus.

26. Strong winds in eight directions is an octo-gust.

27. When you cross a crocodile with an octopus, you get a croc-topus.

28. A portfolio of eight stocks is a stock-topus.

29. An octopus that knocks on everything is a knock-topus.

30. When you cross a peacock and octopus, you get a peacock-topus.

31. Octopuses love to relax on a hammock-topus.

32. A suspicious octopus is octo-sus.

Photo by David Em/Box of Puns.

33. You can tell eight people to be quiet at the same time by saying, “Octo-hush.”

34. Octo-push it to the side.

35. When octopuses exercise, they do octo-push-ups.

36. Octo-pistachios are an octopus’s favorite nut.

37. The fragrance has a strong scent of octo-musk.

38. It comes with eight benefits. You could say it’s an octo-plus.

39. They left him in the octo-dust.

40. She’s an octo-just and fair judge.

41. An octopus-shaped bush is an octo-bush.

42. A luxurious octopus is called octo-plush.

43. Octo-flush the toilet when you’re finished.

44. When an octopus gets in trouble, it’s octo-busted.

45. Octo-pass on the left.

46. You’ll need a secret octopus-word to get in.

47. If an octopus is driving, you’re the octopus-senger.

48. Be octopus-sionate about what you do.

49. Octopus police carry an octo-pistol.

50. An octopus’s favorite pasta sauce is octo-pesto.

51. A coin worth eight pesos is an octo-peso.

52. I’m octo-busy right now.

53. Hustle and octo-bustle.

54. You’re the octo-best ever.

55. I have the keys to the lock-topus.

56. An octopus that stays near a dock is a dock-topus.

57. A surprised octopus is shocked-topus.

58. Octopuses prefer octo-pilsner beer over lager.

59. Don’t stop until you reach the top-topus.

Photo by David Em/Box of Puns.

60. An octopus explosion is a pop-topus.

61. An octopus that loves shopping is a shop-topus.

62. When an octopus falls in water, it’s a plop-topus.

63. An octopus that denies everything is a nope-topus.

64. A jumping octopus is a hop-topus.

65. It’s the octopus-ite.

66. Octopuses get their mail through the octo-postal service.

67. I have an octo-poster on my wall.

68. Find your life’s octo-purpose.

69. You have great octo-posture.

70. Anything is octo-possible.

71. Octopus-shaped pastries are octopus-tries.

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Featured image by David Em/Box of Puns.