30+ Hilarious Beer Puns That Raise the Bar


Whether you’re heading to the bar, brewery, or having a beer at home, read the funniest beer puns that’ll get you drunk on laughter.

Two hands tapping beer glasses.
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Funny beer puns

1. Beer we go.

2. Beer today, gone tomorrow.

3. I’m growing a beer-d.

4. Beer-n to drink.

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5. I’m hop-timistic.

6. You’re lager than life.

7. Pale yeah!

8. Ale beer there in a minute.

9. Don’t worry, beer happy.

10. Happy beer-day.

11. That’s un-beer-lievable.

12. I beer-lieve you.

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13. Ghosts drink booze.

14. I wish you were beer.

15. You’re brew-tiful.

16. I can barley hop.

17. Be malty, not salty.

18. IPA-lot when I drink.

19. Bock up.

20. Santa’s rein-beer.

21. We can brew anything together.

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22. You must be a su-beer-hero.

23. He’s a stout guy.

24. Ale give you a call later.

25. Dunkel, meet your new nephew.

26. I can’t wait any lager.

27. I’ll fix it with my beer hands.

28. Porter a glass.

29. You make my heart malt.

30. Pitcher perfect.

31. I’m so hoppy.

32. Beauty is in the eye of the beer-holder.

33. Beer pressure.

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Featured image courtesy of Canva.