30+ Best Apple Puns to Share


Apples are one of the most popular fruits. Whether you’re snacking on one or baking a pie, read the funniest and best apple puns.

Apple with a scared face.
Photo by David Em/Box of Puns.

Funny apple puns

1. I’m apple-d.

2. You’re the apple of my pie.

3. They lived apple-y ever after.

4. You’re hardcore.

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5. I need a b-apple bath.

6. Apple-solutely!

7. I can’t fight the peeling.

8. I’m strengthening my core.

9. I’d like to apple-ogize.

10. Did you apple-y for the new job?

11. I apple-aud your amazing work.

12. You’re one fine-apple.

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13. Let’s give her a round of apple-ause.

14. It t-apple-d over.

15. You’re so p-apple-r.

16. You’re a bad apple.

17. It’s not apple-icable to me.

18. You’re so a-peeling.

19. This apple help you track your steps.

20. I’m an in-cider.

21. I’m red-y to go apple picking.

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22. You’re not apple-thetic person.

23. Here’s my apple-lication.

24. Can’t you Stayman?

25. I’ll need Akane?

26. Ask Granny Smith.

27. We’re going to a Gala this weekend.

28. Honeycrisp me on the cheek.

29. Apple-d a muscle.

30. I’m hiking the Apple-achian Mountains.

31. They built a ch-apple.

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Featured image by David Em/Box of Puns.