35+ Best Donut Puns That Are A-glaze-ing


Donuts are a delicious and sweet treat to eat in the morning. While you’re eating one, read the funniest donut puns for a good laugh.

Two donuts.
Photo by David Em/Box of Puns.

Hilarious donut puns

1. I donut care.

2. You’re a-glaze-ing.

3. How a-dough-rable.

4. Donut worry about anything.

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5. Donut judge me.

6. I donut know what I’d dough without you.

7. Donut mind if I do.

8. Do or donut, there is no try.

9. You’re hole-some.

10. I donut know who you are.

11. I like you a hole lot.

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12. Donut stop until you reach your goals.

13. You have a glazed look.

14. Donut stress it.

15. Donut stop believing.

16. I feel glazy today.

17. I’m a-glazed by you.

18. You’re jelly.

19. Glazed and confused.

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20. Sprinkled with love.

21. We’re getting the dough.

22. I dough it for you.

23. Donut enter.

24. Donut be afraid.

25. You’re a weir-dough.

26. You drive me glazy.

27. Eat more hole foods.

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28. I donut want to hole you back.

29. Wear a tuxe-dough.

30. I’m putting my phone on donut disturb.

31. Hole me close.

32. I donuts about you.

33. Thanks for the bou-glaze of flowers.

34. Are you sprinkle?

35. Hole on for a minute.

36. You donut want to miss this.

37. I’m filling great.

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Featured image by David Em/Box of Puns.