35+ Corny Popcorn Puns


Popcorn is a delicious snack and perfect for watching a movie. Read the funniest and corniest popcorn puns that’ll have you rolling.

Bowl of popcorn on a wooden table.
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Hilarious popcorn puns

1. What’s poppin’?

2. Baby corn, mama corn, and popcorn.

3. I’m trying not to be corny.

4. You can pop in anytime.

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5. Thanks for the pop-portunity.

6. We’re butter together.

7. After eating a bag of popcorn, I got free Butterfingers.

8. Dogs love pup-corn.

9. I’m popping by to say you’re corny.

10. I was a kernel in the popcorn army.

11. Popcorn is grown at high elevations because that’s where the ears are popping.

12. Why corn-t he pop the question?

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13. The popcorn was called the police after being a-salted.

14. The kernel of truth.

15. We’re pop-stars.

16. Bring seasoning to the airport. They only sell plane popcorn.

17. Don’t bring corn on a plane. Its ears will pop.

18. You’re a-maize-ing.

19. I found out my pop was a corn-man.

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20. Popcorn listens well because it was all ears.

21. I’m corn-flicted. Salted popcorn or kettle corn?

22. I corn-tinue to eat more popcorn than I need.

23. At the mall, you can find shop-corn.

24. We had pop-shelf.

25. Do you come ear often?

26. It’s so hot. I’m going to pop.

27. Bad popcorn jokes are corny.

28. For popcorn, pirates charge a buck-an-ear.

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29. Corn-gratulations! You made popcorn for the first time.

30. Popcorn loves to listen to pop music.

31. Pop-rika is the best spice for popcorn.

32. Paw-pcorn.

33. With oranges and corn, you can make pulp-corn.

34. This popcorn is se-corn-d to none.

35. You’ve corn-structed the best popcorn shop.

36. Are you corn-fused?

37. I love it when you call me big popcorn.

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Featured image courtesy of Canva.