20+ Hilarious Pretzel Puns


Pretzels are pastries that originate from Germany. Some are soft, while others are hard. While you’re eating one, read the best pretzel puns.

Salted pretzel.
Photo courtesy of Canva.

1. I’m knot kidding.

2. Tied the knot.

3. Let’s get knotty.

4. Don’t get it twisted.

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5. I’m not salty.

6. You’re the salt to my pretzel.

7. I’m knots about you.

8. It’s not available yet. However, it’s on pretzel.

9. You have a twisted sense of humor.

10. You’re knot what I expected.

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11. All you knead are pretzels.

12. The pretzel was a salted.

13. Pretzels are knot bread.

14. I have a pretzel-ion questions.

15. Small pretzels are a-dough-rable.

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16. I a-dough pretzel-lovers.

17. You bread my mind.

18. Pretzels love mystery movies because they have twists.

19. Knot-hing else matters.

20. I got a knot-ification.

21. Here I crumb.

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